Water is the Remedy of All…

As any other children in a family, I go to seek advice from my parents (especially my father) when I’m not feeling good.


“Dad, my stomach hurts.”

“Drink some water and it’ll go away.”


“Dad, I have a headache.”

“Go and drink a glass of water.”


“Dad, I’m feeling nauseous.”

“Drink some water.”


“Dad, I’m sick!”

“Drink water.”


love water

The funniest thing is, hell, he’s always right.

Water is the source of life, an important element of nature. It fills, refreshes and heals. Be sure not to waste any drop!

Here, in Mauritius, it’s summer time so water is compulsory if you wish to survive. After all, the human body is made of ~64% of water! And it needs to be replenished regularly to avoid any problems.

So drink water as much as you can! 🙂 but be sure that there’s a toilet in your surroundings…

An Evil Nymph.

PS: for today it was a small simple post because I’m currently not feeling well. Headache and other aches (physical and mental) because of some special sickness that women have to bear every month… 😉

18 thoughts on “Water is the Remedy of All…

  1. I totally agree; you can never go wrong with water in your diet. The other great benefit is that it helps move along our bowels – leading to weight loss for some. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. Awww I feel you girl. The things we have to go through … Feel better soon!
    Thanks for the reminder, water is definitely super important but sometimes very difficult to remember to drink consistently!

  3. Hope you drank some water and felt well soon. lol. Dad’s can be pretty funny… 🙂
    Once upon a time I could drink lots of water and keep it down. Some where along the way that changed, I’m not sure how. Pity.

  4. Basically drinking water, is very good for your health. But it depends what water you are drinking. In fact the water you are drinking could in fact be harming your health instead of removing toxins from your body, re-hydrating your cell and acting as a repairer of damaged cells.

    Torrential rains are here and naturally you will have a lot of mud, dirt, rust, harmful chemicals, oils from vehicles and many other harmful chemicals visible or non visible which will find their way to our resources.

    Currently water treatments plants does not allow water to be 100% pure. In this rainy season you will either resort to bottled water or boiling tap water. remember boiling water while its does kill germs and harmful parasites will never eliminate the excessive chlorine used in the rainy season and all those pollutants and volatile chemicals which have found their way to you your so called ‘healthy drinking water” .

    So drinking water would be healthy is conditional upon you drinking pure and absolutely clean water. I am using a Bawell Ioniser which means I do not have to boil my water which is free from contaminants and also drinking alkaline water has many health benefits.

    Pure mineral water found in remote areas not Mauritius are normally alkaline and filled with minerals which are very beneficial to our health. I usually call tap water as dead water as it does not fulfill its function of water. Alkaline water is produced through electrolysis and will mimic nature to make your water oxygen rich devoid of its acidity.

    A survey carried in USA has found 325 contaminants in water out of which 221 are non-regulated by the EPA. So just imagine what is our norm in Mauritius. I believe it a duty for every parent to research on alkaline water and understand that a pure and clean alkaline water is not only for drinking, it has to be used in making tea and cooking your food.

    It really make no sense drinking clean alkaline water and then drinking your tea/coffee and cooking your food with water containing harmful chemicals and pollutants.

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