The Hardest Thing For A Student…

The hardest thing for a student is to balance his/her studies and his/her extracurricular activities: the two main big projects of his/her life which will greatly contribute to his/her future as a citizen.

student succeed at school A+

A few years ago, an O-level certificate was enough to get a job and getting an A-level was considered as ‘further studies’ which could lead you to a well-paid job. Now, the ‘further studies’ became taking tertiary courses: getting a bachelor and a master… and for the most ambitious: a PhD. An A-level is a must to get at least a rather stable job.

We demand and expect more from the younger generation.

Even the universities’ requirements have changed. Your 3 A’s in A-level isn’t enough anymore. There is something called personal statement in which you shall include your own writing voice, because in this statement you will be writing about why you want to do the particular course and what were the extracurricular activities in which you took part during your secondary school years.

We seriously need to develop our personality guys!

In brief, school + tuition + activities = damn bulky nights and days.

student tired and overwhelmed by school

But it has its advantages, because first of all, in the real scary life, we’ll need more than theories and test tubes. We’ll need to cook, to socialise. Then, we can’t just develop our body and brain, we need to develop our own unique character traits and personality to stand out, to find the ME that’s hiding deep inside of us.

And finally, you’ll know what is meant by time management. If you can learn and play and keep a moderate balance between both, then you’ll be able to swing between family and work without falling (well it’s not 100% everytime successful but you’ll know how to plan your life.

Schedules are important. I know that some prefer to close their eyes and walk along the wind direction, but it’s not really recommended, especially for us students who are still growing and need adequate rest and nutrients. Plan your day, plan your week, plan your month. Plan your whole year.

Well, at least I hope you know which homework you should be doing for tomorrow.

There’s a time for work and a time for leisure. Always. Many get discouraged about doing extracurricular activities because they think they’ll lack time.

But if you’ve never tried, how can you be so sure of that?

Finding Time, chasing it. grasping it and imprisoning it is hard but it can be done. Of course disappointments exist. But they’ve always been part of life anyway.

Don’t neglect your studies (ah! nor your family!) but don’t bury yourself in your books 24/24. Breathe in some creativity, breathe out the stress.

I wasn’t sure whether blogging was considered as an extracurricular activity so I googled… and I’ve got a list of every possible activity you could busy youself with – instead of procrastinating and playing on facebook xD:

Before I realised what really are extracurricular activities, I thought that I was doing nothing worthy for applying at universities because I’m in love with my laptop. Laptop. Laptop. Laptop. And when people talked about extracurricular activities they’d mainly talk about musical instruments and sports. I unofficially did some piano thing… but I could get 0 in sports! Fortunately I now know that whatever I did since I’m 11 wasn’t useless at all!

So thank you internet for clarifying my thoughts on this! 😉

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do as a student?

An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “The Hardest Thing For A Student…

  1. Wow. School is not what it once was, some odd (26 years) years ago when I was 16. I don’t know how you kids/teens do it. AND……To have a great blog on top of all it. Fab!

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