Sites of the Month: February 2012

Every month, new things happen, new discoveries are made. And interests are broadened too. Of course, in February, school gained much more importance too. So I’m simply busier than ever 😉

Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to share my monthly findings with you guys. Enjoy!

overwhelmed by work

I’m much drawn to emo hairstyles and here’s How To Have Emo Hair Without Going To Extremes!

I’ve been playing Sims Medieval and here’s a Complete Guide to it!

I’ve also been researching on journalism because I’m planning to get a first degree in this field so here’s a clear Overview of BA in Journalism, if ever some of you are interested too. I think that the website consists of many other educational fields too.

The top UK university league table 2012 in the Complete University Guide.

Painting requires a lot of patience and that’s why I haven’t tried that hobby yet. But this video can really inspire anyone to get started: Paint the Forest with Me.

All about Indie Publishing in one place! But first of all, what IS Indie Publishing?

Here are 3 ways to integrate Google Plus into your blog! Are you on Google+? I do! Feel free to add me to your circles:

I am a big fan of Arthurian legend as you all already know, and I’ve found out about a music group based on this called Heather Dale 😀

Share your personal story in this open blog! Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

Here’s a guest post I wrote for DearOptimists! 🙂 Hug a Teddy.

I found a very helpful website: All Women’s talk, where I discovered a fun article called: 30 ways to get a guy to ask you out. Go go girls!

And finally, I’d like to thank…

1. the old heave ho for giving me the Candle Lighter award,

candle lighter award

2. and Aurora Morealist for giving me 6 awards at one go!

sunshine award

abc award

link award

liebster blog award

candle lighter award

I just can’t thank you enough!

An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “Sites of the Month: February 2012

  1. You thank me in every way just be being who you are and writing what you write. I am always so stunned by the fluidity of your writing, the grace in your way of being in the world and the wisdom you illustrate in all you do. Were I so blessed at 16, I would surely already be only writing every single day without needing to work for other income. You go girl! Enjoy the awards, MD and thanks for sharing some new (to me) sites 🙂 xo

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