Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

How much is our life distorted?

distorted yin yang

The path of life has never been straight. It came to us as a never-ending labyrinth which, when the exit is found, leads only to the removal of our life, i.e. death.

We often complain about our difficulties, worry about choices, or end up in a loop. We are scared of the unexpected.

We bang our heads on the walls, we lose our way, we fall onto rocks.

We keep on saying, life is unfair, life is hard.

But, we aren’t perfect either.

Why do we tend to see only the bad things happening instead of viewing the brighter side of life? Why it’s something so hard to keep positive thoughts? I think that’s the worst flaw the human mind has.

This labyrinth called life is a wonderful adventure. We are the heroes of our story and we have to make sure it’s a happy ending. We want no tragedies here. Of course, there is the moment when everything seems to go out of control, when perceptions change… and the ‘all-is-lost’ lull. So what? The story is not over.

We have to keep striving and living life at its fullest. We can’t waste such a gift!

If the path of life was straight, don’t you really think you’d more likely to commit suicide? After all it’ll get too damn boring… 😉

Original photograph:

yin yang badge

What’d ya think? Opinions anyone?

An Evil Nymph.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

  1. This is truly creative
    i have seen some posts for this theme and i really like yours the most
    and after looking at the original pic i would say you are damn good..people have put the actually distorted pictures…you chose to be different..that’s amazing

  2. Loving the way your brain rolls, chickie. Wow. And on that note, I used to talk to someone on here but won’t be anymore after reading a post about him that just gives me the chills. I reblogged it if only as a cautionary tale for others. My instincts tell me you are way too bright to fall prey to such nonsense but there are others, like me, still learning that not everyone is who they appear to be out there 🙂


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