The Wonderful World of Crystals

I have my own religion. But as most of you know, I’m a big fan of Wicca 🙂 Yeah it’s all the fuss about witches and sabbats and esbats, but also runes, rituals… and crystals. Gemstones. Did you know that they contain powerful energies that can help you in your daily life?

One day I was at a fair and there was a small stand of crystals. I’ve heard much about the quartz so I wanted to get one. Of course my mom didn’t want to buy the expensive ones so I have to be satisfied with a small rock crystal. I then searched his properties and all… (all this will be linked below) I copied everything in my Book of Shadows – a Wiccan diary let’s say –  and then, I forgot about it… School had just started and all.

But then I watched this:

In fact there’s a whole series called Spirit Science and this is the episode 13. It’s very fun and entertaining 🙂

So then when I came to this video I thought, well anything I do, the Goddess always keeps coming to me. Because this video reminded of all my Wicca love, my Book of Shadows that hasn’t been updated for a while… So I finally decided to get serious about my spirituality. When I opened my book of shadows I was studying runes but then I told myself that I’d better give this a break and continue with crystals. But where would I get crystals?

I look up and I saw this:

gemstones of africa and the world

Oh well so wonderful! But I’d only be able to search each their properties and copy them. I won’t be able to remove them from this plastic and keep them with me and use it magickally… because or else I think my parents would get mad lol! So I’ve decided to leave their energies for the house.

Moving on… I combed my memories and aha!

When I was small I remembered that after our trip to South Africa my mom had give me a Tiger’s Eye and told me to keep it because it was a real one. And it’s still there. I kept my promise. ^^

Then when I was even smaller I received from my godfather I think? a golden necklace with a real piece of jade as a pendant.

So to begin I have 3 crystals:

rock crystal, tiger's eye and jade

The Rock crystal, Tiger’s Eye, and Jade. (Click on each of them if you want to know more about them)

But where should I keep them?

For those who are friends with me on facebook might know that I decided to sew a crystals bag instead of buying one…

an evil nymph bag

…and personalise it in An Evil Nymph’s style! I guess you also remember the Yin and Yang badge in the latest weekly photo challenge given to me by my dear friend, Alexandra 🙂

What I did for the time being with the crystals…

If you have watched the video linked above, it shows how to ‘recharge’ crystals for them to be at their fullest power and that’s what I’ve been doing. There are two ways to do that:

1. Placing the crystal out in the sun.

2. Placing the crystal in a bowl of fresh water, and even add some salt, because as Wiccans know, salt is considered to be a pure substance.

There is no specific time or duration. It all depends on you.

recharge crystals

Then to recharge yourself with those crystals, except from the method of meditating while holding them, you can place a crystal in a glass of drinking water and drink the water after some time! 🙂 That’s awesome I believe.

drinking energy from crystals

Of course you’ll have to check out the properties of the crystal you wish to drink energy from.

So I’ve just covered the most interesting and new things I discovered about crystals from the video mentioned above, thus if you wish to know more, just watch it fully! 🙂

Believe me, it’s so much fun!

An Evil Nymph.

18 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Crystals

  1. I collected a number of crystals over the years, with the same thoughts in mind and had them cleansed. Each gem has its own unique abilities and energies, some heal and some help focus. It’s an amazing thing they do 🙂

      1. Now,If i could only find them. I had them in my room somewhere including a crystal that I used in the past for meditation and pendulum 😦

  2. i love tiger’s eye. hey, i have a jade pendant almost exactly like yours! the hole is a little bigger, but it’s basically like a little lifesaver shape, or donut 🙂

  3. I use to wear crystals and would like to get back into it… do you know know any good websites that explain what each are for? thanks

  4. I’ve collected crystals. I’m usually drawn to the ones that make my hands tingle (I guess it’s the Reiki, IDK) or feel right, (If that makes any sense) but most of the time, the crystals I’m drawn to have the properties I need at that time. (whether I want to admit it or not.) Lol. 🙂
    Nice post btw. 🙂

  5. Great post! Love wearing and working with stones – even as I am writing this, I’m wearing a citrine point pendant.

    Another way to charge a stone is to put it out in moonlight. Different type of energy than the Sun, of course, so it depends on your goals.

    1. That’s nice!
      Oh yes that’s true, especially when the moon is shining and full… it’s so beautiful then! Yeah it always depends on the individual him/herself.

  6. This blog is so special! I know it may have nothing in the world to do with being a Wicca or the spiritual qualities of crystals, (though I do have a tarot reading blog buddy who’s interesting take on world energies you might find fascinating), but this post reminded me of a beautiful childhood experience. I used to go out into the Arizona desert with my favorite grandfather on long day hikes into the wilderness. We would look for rose quartz, and whole geodes where they just looked like big round rocks the color of sand, but we’d cut them open with a diamond saw and the insides would be full of all different colors of crystals. Once we found a completely empty desert tortoise shell, and there was always turquoise to find. This made me an effectual rock hound from a young age. I haven’t paid much attention to my passion for stones for a very long time, but after reading this, and watching that wonderful little video, I just might get myself back into it. 🙂

  7. Wow! You are so multi-faceted! I have a bowl of crystals and other stones including tiger eye, rose quartz, amethyst, agate, obsidian, citrine, etc and once upon a time, I could tell you what each was for as well. Now I just enjoy whatever moves me and I thank you for sharing your cleansing methods, too, MD. Love the water drinking one, might try it some time. A First Nations friend tells me that leaving our stones out in moonlight also cleanses them. It works for me but then I love nature and it’s all so connected. You are a wealth of knowledge on so many topics, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Oh that’s nice! You’re well surrounded 🙂 The ‘once upon a time’… I exactly understand what you mean! You’re so welcome Aurora! Yes the moon is a powerful recharger too, and indeed nature links all and merges them into one great source of energy. Thanks! My pleasure!

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