Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Today I have three things to talk about but don’t worry, none of them will be lengthy.

First of all… My interpretation on this week’s photo challenge on ‘contrast’:

contrasting clouds twilight

It was early in the morning, I had just finished preparing myself to head to school, when the curtains were drawn… and my eyes witnessed a mesmerising sight: timid small clouds as if they’d just woken up, floating together while glimmering in the first rays of the sun of the day. It was so beautiful! I could not take me eyes away from such a unique moment where the sky and windows (which reflect it) have an orange-purple colour…

It barely lasted some minutes; I fortunately rushed to pull out my phone and take a snapshot just as a huge dark gloomy cloud was hurrying to hide them. The photo taken above was some seconds before the big cloud utterly covered the beautiful orange view. Can you see that monster??

This is the contrast. The two different clouds… Good and bad, merry and sad… The never-ending swing in life. The constant change.

Nothing lasts forever. And thus we have to enjoy every moment.


Secondly, I am proud to announce that An Evil Nymph now has a Facebook Fan Page!! (if you haven’t noticed already ^^) You can like it directly (thank you WordPress for the widget!!) on the right sidebar, or just go to this link:

An Evil Nymph | Facebook Page

an evil nymph facebook page



Thirdly and finally, my best friend at school has at last made up her mind to create a blog! Yeah!! (I almost dragged her here!! xD)

She is unfamiliar as a new blogger in our community, so some support from you all would really be appreciated 🙂

Her blog is…

The Diary Of Lex Keridwen

Nice, uh? She is the one who gave me the Yin and Yang badge on the previous weekly photo challenge

So go and check her out! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

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