Sites of the Month: March 2012

This month has been very heavy… well it’s only the beginning of my journey to my A-levels. :S

Sometimes I just feel like I’m out of control – just when I’m starting to get organised! – and I just want to give it all up. But when you have awesome friends that can make you laugh for a whole day, you’ll just have to remember these short moments and your smile will last longer than you think despite everything else 🙂

laughing with friends

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Alright, so after this little update, here are the websites of the month! For those who are new to my blog, this is a monthly series that I carry out, sharing with you various links on several subjects, depending on what moved me enough to bookmark it…

As always I hope that some of them will be found to be useful to you!

Let’s begin:

I subscribed to a new writing blog called Taleist – Helping writers become published authors. It has great tips especially on building your platform and all those stuff…

Okay I’m not sure how this ended up in my list but if you have a StumbleUpon account you should definitely check it out: – Drive More Traffic With Your Short URLs! (I should check this out too once and for all!)

Do you wish to know the secrets of Healthy Relationships? 😀 #love

And who hasn’t yet fallen in love with BubzBeauty’s cuteness??

I’ve lately been much fascinated with the Yin Yang principles and here’s a great article on Yin Yang and Five Elements in Chinese Astrology.

The Yin Yang concept lies in Taoism… very interesting! Do you want to be part of this community? Here’s how!

I love quotes so much! If you follow me on Twitter, you’re surely already aware of that 🙂 So here’s a wonderful website on more especially Love Quotes. Even though you’re not in love, they’re just so cute!

Aren’t Quartz just so mesmerising?

I’ve already lucid dreamt. A lot of times. Without knowing that it could be controlled or that it was called Lucid Dreaming – Developing The Art of Conscious Dream Control!

So now you want to lucid dream? Sounds fun, right? Here’s a not-so-bad ‘how-to’ explanation: Waking Sleep Paralysis.

A friend of mine has shown me a very interesting series of videos on YouTube called Spirit Science – do you remember the Crystals post I did? with the video? It’s part of the series.

Have you ever wonder what would happen if you’d just go and become a nomad, living with not much but not less, just appreciating the various places you’ll be visiting and living your life based on pure happiness? Well this is a Spirit Quest! that every one of us should dare try I’d say!

The I-Ching is also something else – still Chinese – which I’d love to get into too because it’s about predicting possible futures… you know… ^^

And last but not least, about crystals/gemstones – you can find all the information on any of them on Shimmerlings!

Was that way too long? 😛

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An Evil Nymph.

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