Getting Sponsors: uh, what? Spongebob??

All right I know that in my previous post I promised you a beautifully well-written guest post, but something happened today that I have to share with you! I can’t stand to keep it all to myself. And don’t worry, the guest post will come just after that.

unexpected hit

Credits to Google Images

First of all, what is a sponsor? Well when a company/business sponsors something it means that it is supporting the ‘something’ financially and in return the ‘something’ gives credit to the business/company by offering publicity.

This year, I’m part of the school’s editing team for the school magazine 😀 and we need sponsors to support the magazine. Money just doesn’t come out of thin air, you know.

What happened today is that Y of the editing team had to call various businesses and companies to ask for their sponsorship. She went to the office to do so and when she was done she came back with very um… unexpected reactions from the persons behind the phone receiver…

“Hi, […little intro I guess…] Would you like to sponsor our school magazine?”

“Sorry? what? spongebob…?”


 “Hi, … Would you like to sponsor our school magazine?”

“Uh no, this is catering…”

“This is a business right?”

“Yeah but…”

“Well, I’m asking if you’d like to sponsor our magazine.”

“I’m sorry; this is catering service here…”

“Would you like our magazine to publicize your business?”

“But we sell cakes…”


Wouldn’t they have liked to have something like this in our mag?? xD Credits again to Google Images.



And all of these two conversations were in Mauritian creole/French – which was even more hilarious!

There was also a 3rd case when the one at the other end of the phone had an Indian accent and talked English… and that was so confusing! Y told us that he gave her an email address that was incomprehensible… so… too bad for him.


Please, when starting a business, just don’t hire any random person for the communication section… please!! He/she has to talk clearly and preferably in the native-and-mostly-used language of the country and also be fluent in English at the same time. And they have to learn the basics of a business… specially when it concerns offers, sponsors, opportunities… and the technical terms included!

I’ll surely keep this incident in mind if I ever start a business later… ^^

An Evil Nymph.

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