Promoting Your Blog By Link Exchange

In my Advice on Guest Posting post I promised you to talk about another and easier way to promote your blog via other blogs, which is link exchange! So here I’m keeping my word 🙂

What is link exchange?

It is a very simple process to increase traffic on your website: a blogger contacts another one and asks for a link exchange, which means that he/she will give away his website’s link and details for the other blogger to advertise it on its site, like for example in a sidebar, and vice versa.


I did some link exchanges with my website ‘Makeup is Art’ (just go and check the sidebar on the right and scroll down…) which end up appearing like this:

So the owners of Beauty Guru News and Hair Care contacted me and requested for a link exchange. This is basically what I do, how I customise my sidebar for advertising their site while they do the same for mine.

Nice! So where to start?

First of all, please DO HAVE A CONTACT ME PAGE! This is how others websites can reach out to you. Personally I’ve never asked for a link exchange; because they always did. And just wait.

But if you want to ask for a link exchange yourself, then you have to send a mail to the blogger, requesting for a link exchange. It’s usually very short, with only:

– The Title: e.g.: Request for Link Exchange with ‘the site’s name’

– Your request.

– An explanation on link exchange (we never know, they might be beginners in this kind of thing)

– Your blog/website’s link and name and a little bio if possible.

The language has to be clear and direct.

Now you just have to wait for an answer. If no answer comes in, move on.

If you get an answer, either they will decline or accept your offer. They mostly will accept because it’s advantageous for both parties. It is only then, when they tell you ‘YES! I will do it’ that you ask for their website/blog’s:

– Name

– Link

– Description (a very short one – maybe one or two sentences)

At the same time you send them your site’s information: ‘Name, Link and Description’ so that they don’t get lost and know exactly how to reply – as they will imitate you.

And really, that’s all you have to do. Now you’ll just have to play with your widgets a bit…

How to place the link + description on the sidebar?

Whether you’re using blogger or wordpress or whatever host, I usually recommend using the ‘text’ gadget/widget – or whatever it can be called but basically it’s a widget that allows you to put in some text in your sidebar (some use it for quotes or a short description of the blog, like I did on this blog – you can see it under my picture!). You’ll have to hyperlink the website’s name to link it to the actual website, and this should be in bold letters preferably. Then you copy-paste the description given under it… click save… and…


And except increasing your traffic through another website, what’s the advantage of link exchange?

It’s TOTALLY FREE of course!

Any questions?


An Evil Nymph.

5 thoughts on “Promoting Your Blog By Link Exchange

  1. The only problem I have with this is that this could lead to some sites having a ridiculously long list of external links. In which case your links and theirs would become buried.

  2. You always put such helpful things up for us, thanks, Crazy Chickie! xo
    BTW, how do I get Linked in and Pinterest on my pages at the side and under my posts where it says share this? I am so techno stunned, I don’t know how to do these things for myself, lol 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! And sorry for replying so late! Well you go to Dashboard>Settings>Sharing and there’ll be the ‘available services’… just drag and drop Linked in and Pinterest! 🙂

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