Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects + Sun

Hey I’m back!

And the first thing I thought of when I saw my laptop at last was to catch up on the weekly photo challenges! 🙂 These posts are just so fun to do.

So here we go!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I have two interpretations for this one. All taken in Malaysia. 😀

The first one is most likely to be obvious for those familiar with Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur (where I was) because the one thing you absolutely have to visit there if you have the chance to go is the Twin Towers!

Isn’t that beautiful? I’ve had the chance to take photos of it and go into one of the towers itself! An epic place. And of course the two towers cannot live without the other: this is an interesting tourist attraction because there are two of them… which are identical. One will simply have no meaning without the other.

It makes me think of soulmates… 😉 “Two is better than one”, uh? such a romantic theory!

My second interpretation of this theme is a funny mirror I noticed next to some shops inside the Twin Towers:

With flash

 Without flash

This is my sister and I trying to fit in the two mirrors. It was cool 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

 For this one Shira proposed me to show you this one:

This has not been taken in Malaysia but in Mauritius itself. It wasn’t much sunny in Malaysia – the sky was most of the time greyish or cloudy and anyway we mostly spent our time in malls 😛

Yet when we went to the Twin Towers the sky was definitely blue and the sun was brightly shining:

This photos is beautiful too with lights coming from every corner but most are artificial except on the left side: I’m not sure if it was the sun though, because it had been raining, but well I guess yes it was. We were in Genting Highlands.

Another one in Genting again:

‘Sunny’ is simply different in Malaysia and in Mauritius. Here in Mauritius it’s a sun-killer! Too hot whereas in Malaysia it was a bearable sun.

When we came back to Mauritius and were nearly arriving at our destination, the sky suddenly became very blue and strong sun rays were coming into the aircraft:

That’s all for today 🙂 I’m exhausted!

An Evil Nymph.

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