10 Awesome Things I did in Malaysia!

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do this post earlier but I’m very busy with school and I’m having some mood swings too – typical of a teen 😛 – but anyway, it’s obvious that my short one-week trip to Malaysia hasn’t left me untouched. Sincerely I love it there, I love to discover another culture… and be among people who only have either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy SII! 😀

Seriously, if you’ve already gone there or if one day you go there, I’ll make sure in this post that you haven’t/won’t missed anything. Feel free to add more to the list. Otherwise… here are the 10 awesome things I did in Malaysia: 

1. Shopping à volonté!

Storeys and storeys of shops… some especially selling high quality shoes at a low price 😉

Truly the variety and affordable range of products you can get in Kuala Lumpur mainly are infinite!

2. Visit the Twin Towers!

It’s hard to get a ticket to get a pass to go in there but with much planning and punctuality, it should not be a problem. This is definitely a must when you come to KL. Whatever the price.

3. Amazing rides in Genting Highlands!

This is such a big place full of extreme to baby rides which will make you crazy!!

It’s cooler there though, but it’s okay.

4. Travel in Cable Car!

This is an amazing experience. And if you’re lucky you won’t miss this:

Just look down at the right moment!

5. Visit Chinese Temples… and watch Chinese TV channels although you don’t understand a thing!

There even was a Happy Pond in the temple I went: throw a coin in the water and make a wish!

It’s true that each time we came back to our hotel room we were exhausted to the point of watching Chinese series with Malay or Mandarin Chinese subtitles… which I can’t understand at all! xD The programmes are interesting though.

6. Eat plenty of Dragon Fruits!

This is Malaysia’s special fruit which is full of vitamins… and tastes so good! A must consume!!!

I ate it raw, in fruit salads, in juices…

7. Get a free Makeover!

Alright it wasn’t really a makeover, but in Malaysia when you enter arcades of shops, sellers will either beg you to take a booklet on their products and company or try every product on you! In this photo I was trying on an expensive but efficient mascara. Which I couldn’t buy. Unfortunately.

8. Buy New Specs!

Yes I did an eye check-up in Malaysia and bought new spectacles, because it’s must cheaper there! And much quicker too: they gave me my new specs an hour after the check -up. In Mauritius we have to wait days! Or weeks.

9. Eat Funny Ice Creams!

Haha I mean ice creams your country doesn’t import. In my case I never saw Kit Kat ice cream! (that’s what I bought) There also was a banana split type of ice cream… which looked awesome! It was like you had to actually peel the thing??

10. Eat Frog Soup!

Alright what I really mean is: eat food that you never eat. Taste new stuff. 🙂

This is a must do when going on a vacation trip. Just don’t remain with your McDonald’s hamburgers and fries…

Anything to add from your own travels?

An Evil Nymph.

22 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things I did in Malaysia!

  1. Seems like you had an excellent time in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur I take it? I was there first time in 1984, and it’s a capital that has changed dramatically since then. Have fun at school, too!

  2. Wow! Now you make me want to fly over there, I loved the pic of you at the temple and the cable car thing! Malaysia is definitely on my lists of places to go:)

  3. I’ve been to KL and inland Malaysia a couple of times and loved it! 🙂 This post brings back so many memories. 😀 And yeah Andy, go Singapore! 😀 Singapore is the coolest!

  4. An excellent list of ten must-do things in Malaysia – I feel I might give the frog soup a miss though…

    Anna :o]

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