People Actually DO Care. [WPC: Together]

Hey guys, today is actually a very normal Thursday, where I’m going to tell you my choice for this week’s photo challenge (Together), except that…

It’s my birthday today! Yeah! I’m finally 17 🙂

Here’s what my BFFs got me as a card, which I badly had to share with you – it’s so beautiful!

Alright this is only the envelop… Let’s get on the beautiful part:

♥ isn’t that sooo touching!?

By the way ‘JAD’ represent the three of us BFFs – Judith, Alexandra, and I, Daphnée.

Opening the card…

If I was very emotional, I would have CRIED!!!

It’s especially on my birthday that I realise that people really do care about me. I mean, it’s common to hear people complaining about no one loving them etc when in fact there are such persons. The problem we as human beings has is that we just tend to centre our attention on ourselves, and less on what there is actually around.

So if we take the time everyday to look up and take notice of the people surrounding us, rather than of our flaws and the ‘I’ and ‘me’ and ‘myself’… it’ll be no need to wait for our birthday to come to realise that despite haters are everywhere, those who love us are too 🙂

And there was a tweet of mine that got favourited quite a lot yesterday, and I’d like to share it with you:

Don’t worry about those who can’t make you smile. Worry about those who do 🙂 because they do really care!

Feel free to share it 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Haha this was taken during our school’s health walk 🙂 and these are the hands of all those in my ‘cow’ group. ^^

We had to sensitize the whole town about people’s health and for us, it was especially to encourage the consumption of milk for stronger bones!

Because together we can make a difference! hehe I know this is a cliché one…

After all, everyone knows that breaking one branch is so easy compared to breaking a whole bunch of branches tied together.

And also remember: no one is EVER alone!! If only we would open our eyes a little bit wider…

An Evil Nymph.

PS: I wish a very happy birthday to all those celebrating theirs in the next few days or in the past few days!

23 thoughts on “People Actually DO Care. [WPC: Together]

  1. I’m so sorry this happy birthday wish is late! I haven’t been checking up on the blogs lately. I hope you had a great day! It’s awesome to see the work your friends put into your card. Many more birthdays await you! Enjoy being 17. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  2. This is totally gorgeous. And I love all the hands in the picture 🙂 What a precious card. Happy Birthday Evil Nymph. You’re unique, for sure 🙂

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