Take Down Your Notes! [The Art to Organisation]

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time actually, because I know that most people are so overwhelmed with work/school that they tend to neglect their personal/family life/hobbies. They forget to relax.

That’s when they’re supposed to stand up and say: I need to organise myself.

Sometimes it’s nice to follow one’s instinct etc… but at other times, a schedule is needed. Especially for us, bloggers. So many bloggers tend to neglect their blog and post too irregularly. Of course, everyone has a life out of this virtual world. But some are frustrated about not meeting both the needs of their real and virtual life.

Just like me.

I like to be in both worlds and I hate it when it’s unbalanced. So what’s my solution? How can we balance these two again after losing control?

Take down your notes! 🙂

I mean, we love blogging so we love to write. Basically. So why not write to remember? Got an awesome post idea? Write it down on a colourful piece of paper and stick it somewhere so that you remember it and finally make the move to blog about it. I recommend buying something like this:

A colourful block of notes! ^^

What I usually do with this: I stick titles of essays for school 🙂 so that I can think about the topics from time to time… So this can be done with blogging ideas. And don’t forget to put the date you wish to publish the post! You’re trying to schedule and stabilise your time after all…

I usually blog with an interval of about 2-3 days for this blog. For the other (Makeup Is Art) I write twice a week. It’s just a matter of organisation.

A note-holder? Is this what we call that thing above? Anyway it’s very effective for me to remember important things. This is where I place my blog ideas in a chronological order.

Or for the most urgent things, I use electronic reminders, i.e. my phone. Either I use the ‘Tasks’ application: (which is what I use the most because the date on when the task should be accomplished can be set)

Or the ‘Memo’ application:

I’m sure most of you have similar apps in your mobiles phones. They are very helpful especially if you cannot live without your mobile. 😛

Of course, as time passes and the schedule you’ve set is slowing being followed day by day, you’ll notice that they often need to be modified or some tasks can be deleted or delayed. It happens. And it’s alright don’t worry 🙂 Nevertheless, at least you know where you’re going with all these notes, lists and reminders. You’re not confused or unsure of what you should do.

The path you trace shouldn’t necessarily be perfectly straight. At least there is a path.

Don’t let life take over you. It is you who should control your life!

Good luck everyone! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Take Down Your Notes! [The Art to Organisation]

  1. Good idea! Every Sunday evening I usually scribble on a piece of half used paper (don’t like throwing things away until it has truly passed its usage capabilities) the things I need and want to do for the week ahead. Once the task is done, I just cross a line through it. I sometimes put these into what days they need to be done. In addition, keeping track of deadlines and appointments is essential. So my work colleagues and I have Google calendar synced together, and I have my personal iCal synced across all devices. : )

    1. Thanks! Ahh I’m like that too – I hate to waste paper and that’s why I have a whole pile of half-torn papers at home and other bits… That’s nice – keep up the organisation techniques 🙂

      1. Yeah! Always good to keep organised, especially if you have a lot going on or you want to get a lot done respectively. Keep sharing the good tips 😉

  2. “Get organized!” I always chastise myself, I begin in earnest but eventually I lapse into chaos once more. I love sticky notes with so many pretty colours so now I’m really going to put them to good use for once. Actually, I often blog more than I spend time doing school work and that is so so very bad, I’m pulling myself up now and let’s see how long that lasts, ha. Thanks for the advice Mademoiselle Daphne 😀

    1. Yes I often lose control too… and it takes some time to get back on track! Ahh I guess students have always been unstable xD
      I totally understand you! Hehe good luck! You’re welcome ^^

  3. I love this! I totally note down ideas for future posts — I do it in my Blackberry phone. You can convince yourself that you’ll remember, but I know it won’t happen unless I write it down! 🙂

  4. I saw that you have a recorder in one of the photos above. Cool! I have one too, but I haven’t gotten past learning how to play the three-note song “Hot Cross Buns.”

  5. Nice idea, about the notes.

    What I do when I have a blogging idea is create a note in the drafts section. Whenever I’m stuck, I go to my drafts folder and work on something.

  6. I have three little note pads – three so there is always one to hand (if I can’t find the other two…) and also scribble on bits of paper at work, napkins at cafe’s and so on…

    Sometimes though I just need a blog holiday – just had one!

    Anna :o]

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