Vidding Is An Addiction

Hey guys sorry I could not post earlier or visit your blogs sooner than I’d like too, but this Friday I made a decision:

I’m getting back to vidding again! 😀

Don’t worry it won’t affect my blogging schedule as I’ve found back time. How? Don’t ask, I just don’t know. Just that, one day I wake up and I tell myself: I have time for vidding after all.

What is Vidding?

Vidding is a type of video editing, just that instead of making your own footage with your camera and doing a movie with it, you take already existing movies and TV series as your footage and you cut and adapt it to a song/melody. Just like my latest video:

Yep this was my main hobby before blogging came into my life. And now I believe I can both blog and vid 🙂 As most of you already know, I blog with about 2-3 days of interval and concerning vidding, I do it every Friday night, the process of making the video, I mean. About uploading it to Youtube… well it might depend. I usually post a video every fortnight or if I’m really lucky, every week.

Dare to subscribe to my channel?

Vidding is indeed addictive and deprives you of sleep haha. But sometimes I believe it is worth it. Because it’s fun. And I love it! Not as much as I love writing, but it’s close.

What should I do if I want to start vidding too?

Well the first thing I would suggest is: go on Youtube, create an account and watch as much as similar videos as linked above. WATCH before you attempt to do anything. Just watch, observe and enjoy 🙂

Then you’ll have to choose a song and a movie/series to go along with. I mainly vid Merlin BBC series but if inspiration gets me I might choose other medias. For the music, just choose your favourite.

And of course, you need a movie maker. The first time I vidded, I used Windows Movie Maker, which sucks, but it’s easy to understand for a beginner and especially if you’re doing it for the first time, I recommend using the movie maker your computer already has as default. For Mac it’s iMovie. If after some videos you realise that you really love vidding, then you can go for professional products like Sony Vegas Pro (which is the one I currently use). Do some research and find the program that will suit you the best.

Now you’re ready to go!


I have been vidding a lot since April 2010 but I stopped at the beginning of this year because of school and… my passion for writing 😛 But I guess I couldn’t resist… ^^ a hobby remains a hobby. If I hadn’t stopped vidding it would have been 2 years of experience in this field! Wow.

I’m going to catch up on blogging now.

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “Vidding Is An Addiction

  1. beautiful video! I loved it! I love merlin and morgana! Especially when she always find herself going up against the elder version of Merlin. He is so wily! ha ha. man, I havent seen Merlin in a long time! I gotta go watch some episodes. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Aww me too! They’re my favourite characters in the series ^^ Yes I totally agree!! LOL it’s been a long time for me too. I can’t wait for season 5!

  2. Way to get back into it! I dunno what’s going on but I can’t seem to play any YouTube vids on my laptop right now 😦 Hopefully it will work later!!

  3. I just subscribe to your channel ’cause I found a lot of interesting videos there. ❤ Might as well try this hobby since my youtube channel has nothing in it. Great job!

  4. How do you get around the copyright issues? Or do you just ignore them? In your vid here, for example, I can’t imagine that the Merlin producers and actors would like what you have done since you’re using their creation and images without acknowledgement. What am I missing here?

    1. Copyright issues only apply to those who put the whole episodes of the series online – sell them for free I’d say. Vidding is a legal hobby. I’m only showing snippets of the series and anyway the episodes are bought and owned by me.

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