Sometimes A Break Is All We Need

Writing is fun.

In fact, many things are considered to be fun.

At least, until someone comes in and tries to direct what we do.

What I mean is, yes if we want to publish a novel one day, we have to make an effort and write regularly. To love writing is to have fun everyday when we write, right? But in the long run, the fingers get tired, the brain gets fed up of the same story. Is this normal? Is writing really for me, you might ask yourselves?


It doesn’t mean that you’re done with writing, that you’ve got annoyed with it.

It simply means that you need to have a break. (have a KIT KAT! xD)

Travel, walk along the beach, play in the snow, watch funny and stupid YouTube videos…

Or just write something else. Forget about the current project you’re working on and imagine another little story of yours… just for fun’s sake. That’s what works best for me when I feel that I’m writing too much and too seriously. So instead of writing for a living, write for what the child inside of you always loved: enjoyment.

Then come back to your manuscript with a breath of fresh air! ^^

As an aspiring writer, I usually write like 500 words a day, except during the weekend 🙂

What is your writing routine?

An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “Sometimes A Break Is All We Need

  1. I don’t have a particular routine as such. But I have noticed that I usually write at night, while listening to some good music. I am not an author, just 18 and like to pen down stuff that I observe, turning them into fiction =)

    1. Well it’s nice to follow your pen along with your heart 🙂 you’re doing great then! Keep it up, and I agree that it’s relaxing to write as such.

  2. Oh I would love a Kit Kat right about now. xD

    I don’t have a set writing routine. I only started writing again a few days ago after a four month pause in which I was trying to edit and promote another book, so that rather threw me out of the loop. But I’m slowly getting back into it! I usually write with my fiancé; we time ourselves and compare our word counts after every 30 minutes. =]

  3. i used to write note books and notebooks of little stories. romance stories. lol. but then I wrote a fanfic of BSB that was way too long. like 765p. and now meh.. Im lucky if I even just write…
    i even had an idea for Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries fanfic crossover..but now..i dont know.. i need the creativity zing back! ^_^

  4. Love the Kit Kat remarks. 😀 As for my writing routine, I write/journal every night until my eyes won’t stay open, or the muses decide to stop talking. Lol, as for fiction writing, I try to write when ever I get the chance, (I’m the one sitting in the corner with a pen and notebook, during a social event. LOL)

  5. True true, and it’s what I usually do! Sometimes I just take a break full-stop, hence my last post was 6 days ago. But the nature of my work ensures I am writing everyday, even if it’s an e-mail… and it’s amazing to realise that anything you write can be used as creative writing material. I’ll have a break indeed, but I may just skip the ‘Nestle’ chocolate : )

    1. Yes that’s true. I don’t like throwing away any of my writings in case they can come out as useful.
      LOL somehow chocolate is relaxing too though 🙂 anyway, thanks for coming by!

      1. Always a pleasure! 🙂 Dark organic chocolate is good for you by the way. 😉

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