Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Giving a hand is at no cost.

Giving a hand is to gain trust and maybe a new friend.

Giving a hand is not giving away your ‘secret and precious’ information that you want to keep for yourself for your own sole advantage. It is a matter of sharing and by sharing, I believe it means you will receive even more in the end. Because giving a hand is a kind deed and the person receiving your help will always help you back.

Competition has increased in the past few years and has gradually killed our sense of generosity. It makes us believe that everyone is against us and want only the worst to happen to us. But it is not the case. Some parents believe it is, but we, as the future generation, should know that it is not and that the key to move on in modern civilisation is to work in groups, to gain communication skills.

It is said that at the doorstep of our life, we end up alone. True. That’s why we should not spend our life alone, in a bubble of selfishness.

Give a hand. You will receive more in return 🙂

*Work Together, Become Stronger* I’d say!

That’s my advice for today and my inspiration for this week’s photo challenge.

By the way the photo was taken by me and is featuring my best friend, Alexandra, who will be hosting the same photo for the challenge on her blog The Diary of Lex Kerridwen 😀 (don’t forget to check her out!)

Have a great weekend!

An Evil Nymph.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. Another great post! I have to say I’ve been blessed to see this happen on a large scale when a neighboring town (Joplin, MO — it was in the national news, not sure about international) was hit by the most destructive tornado in 50 years. It was amazing to see strangers come out of the woodwork to lend a hand.

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