Mothers Know Absolutely Everything

It is funny how Mother’s Day varies all over the world. I’ve seen that in many of the blogs I read Mother’s Day was some weeks ago, if I remember well, whereas here in Mauritius, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, which is today!

This post is therefore dedicated to every mother out there…

I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

yes hugs and cakes… what else to ask for? 😉

A mother loves her children unconditionally, no matter how many times she shouted or punished them. We are all lucky to have a least someone in our life that will always love us – for those who can’t find the love of their life, you now know to whom you should seek comfort… and love 🙂

Indeed whatever she does, she does it being 100% sure it will be best for you. She sometimes might be wrong depending on the situation, but don’t blame her for the too rapid development of our century. Whatever she said or did was only for your own good; she only wants to protect her babies ♥.

Whatever happens, she tries to be comprehensible, and has her own way to show it. Accept her as she is, her manners and ways of affection, because after all, she is human too and is not perfect. Being a mother doesn’t mean being perfect. Give her time, and most of all, give her the support she needs and love.

She was the one whom we first set eyes on after we were born. She was the one who nourished us, who cared for us more than anything else. Most of all, a mother and her child is always always connected – I think if I remember well, that a Chinese proverb said something like, a mother is the trunk of a tree – branches are the many husbands she can have and leave without much damage, while her child is the roots – she just can’t live without it. Or did I get it wrong? Anyway… I remember that it was beautiful (^.^)

But what really astonishes me till now about a mother is that she just seems to know everything. Everything that’s going on in her child’s life. It always surprises me that each time she knows that I’m in love with someone or whatever. She just knows it. She feels it.

And I find that awesome! 🙂

Bless you all dear mothers living on this earth!

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “Mothers Know Absolutely Everything

  1. Apparrently, it’s Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic as well. While I know from personal experience that not all mothers are worthy of being celebrated, I really appreciate the moms that are worthy and I also appreciate this post 🙂

  2. I definitely feel lucky to have that unconditional love and that feeling of comfort you get from knowing you can lean on your mom and she’ll always be there for you and love you 🙂
    Happy mother’s day to your mom, Daphnee!

  3. Happy mother’s day ^_^ and love the phrase about the tree and its roots and how that relates to a mother and childs relationship ❤

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  4. “Mothers know absolutely everything”… I wish someone would tell MY children that! 😉

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