What if I’m not Skinny and Do Not Have The Height of a Super Model?

So what if I’m not skinny and do not have the height of a super model? [Sorry for the long title by the way]

It isn’t supposed to matter. We know it doesn’t matter. But do clothing retailers and magazines help us to think so?

No. Not at all.

In about two weeks I’m going to a Gala Show at night and my friends and I were talking about what to wear. A dress, most probably. But it’s so hard to find one at your right size, style and personality. Most of the chic clothing I see in shops are stereotyped: they seem to be only reserved for skinny and very tall girls. And what about the rest? Yes there’s a brand for pregnant women. Pregnant women! What about the others then? Those who are not too big or too skinny but still have to hide a belly? Those whose height is under average?

In truth, ladies, whatever be the shape of your body, it’s always hard to find the perfect – at least suitable – dress.

Because I don’t have much experience in fashion, I’m only going to give you some tips when choosing a dress, for those who are like me: short and a little fat in the middle 😛

Girls, prepare your observant eyes and untiring feet… because the search will be difficult.

The Right Dress

If you wish to hide your excess belly fats, you should pick up an empire line dress, which means that the belt of the dress should be just under your breasts:

Then you have to make sure – for best results – that under the ’empire line’, the fabric should be sort of frizzy. Not like this:

But like this:

It’s even better if you find such an empire line dress which also includes a cute fluffy bow:

(I also like the ends of this dress! So cute)

Also if you are shorter than the average girl, like me, it’s cuter to wear short dresses 🙂

(This is my dream dress!)

That is all for the tips I can give you in choosing the right dress for you 🙂


I might give you one last fashion advice from my own observations, obviously, on the type of shoes that is best for such girls as us, and this is…


Yes they will give you some more centimetres… and they are so gorgeous! How can one resist them? 😀

Good luck girls! And remember: don’t try to fit in; just make things fit for you. You’re not skinny (or even too skinny!) or too short? No need to change anything. If you know how to search, you’ll find everything that can suit your body type!

An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “What if I’m not Skinny and Do Not Have The Height of a Super Model?

  1. Love the dresses and suggestions! Though I am older than you, I am going to use the empire waist dress idea, keep it in mind to hide my belly, lol. You look like a doll no matter what you wear, Daphy xo :)J

  2. It’s your body and be proud of it. And to be honest i never liked super models too much lol…. What makes you happy is what makes you pretty!!! Keep writing and thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and liking…

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