Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today, at school, my friends and I ate M&Ms.

Yay!! 😛

See? This is the empty packet which is now stuck in my diary on today’s date page: the 7th of June 🙂

In fact, this diary, called my ‘school diary’ although it doesn’t really involve homework or classwork, is filled everyday. I write in it everyday. I turn the pages faithfully every time. I love keeping a diary, for the pure joy of writing a short (or very long) extract on how my friends and I enjoyed the day at school or during the holidays. When it’s a normal day at home I write nothing. That’s why it’s called a ‘school diary’ lol. Yeah so the pages for the holidays are rather blank.

It’s fun to keep a diary, because it reminds you of every awesome moment you spent on a particular day. Ignore the bad unpleasant ones. Never write these down. I personally never do it because, well sincerely I don’t want to look back on awful memories when I’ll grow up and read this diary.

Except if the unpleasant moment is important enough to be written down because if it’s not recorded, the story of your life won’t have any sense.

I also got another diary which is password-protected on Microsoft Words and this is a intimate one – no one can read it compared to the other one which is open to the public – and in this electronic diary I don’t write regularly, but only when I feel like it and I write the memories that hold much dramatic importance in my life – you know, friendship, conflicts, love, family… opinions on almost everything that I just can’t share randomly in my ‘school diary’… – just almost everything that happens in my life.

I believe that every ‘today’ is unique and that’s why I like to write every ‘today’ down. Everything that is unique is worth remembering, right? 🙂

Live for today. Live for the uniqueness. Don’t linger in the past or try too hard to grasp your future. It’s best not to lose the present (it is a gift, right? xP) as there is never any opportunity to go back. And it hurts less not to be too predictable about the future.

I mean it. Just stop worrying and LIVE THE PRESENT DAY.

TODAY is the most important day of any other day. Celebrate every ‘today’ as it deserves to be. 🙂

Come on, it’s not this week’s photo challenge’s theme for nothing 😉

An Evil Nymph.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Love your words of wisdom, Daphnee! Haha, and I’m just thinking back to how you said you needed chocolate every day =P

    So I am running around the blogosphere leaving this annoying message with people who had subscribed to my blog before I changed my domain name. Apparently my posts are not showing up in their Readers and I must ask them to kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the “Following” button at the top of my page http://www.yourdailydoseblog.com

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I’d really appreciate the help in getting things back on track! Thanks for helping me out, Daphnee!! 🙂
    – Janice

    1. Thank you ^^ aww lol it’s sweet that you remember that!
      Oh well I don’t have any problems – I’m still getting email notifications about your new posts 🙂 so it’s alright for me!

  2. When I was a kid, me and my sisters would go crazy over M and M’s. Now my son does the same although I try not to have him eat it too often because he gets hyperactive with it. Love this one, ” believe that every ‘today’ is unique and that’s why I like to write every ‘today’ down. Everything that is unique is worth remembering,” It is. Thanks.

  3. have you tried the dark chocolate m&m’s? super-delish! 😀 thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words! have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi, I love the hopeful message in your blog, as it allows you to enjoy what’s right in front of you! It’s very easy to get bogged down and lost in a memory! If anything a diary is a great outlet for who you are, were, and will be! Thank you for the follow! Keep writing!

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