Big Girls Don’t Cry…

Crying is showing that you are weak.

These words rang continuously in my head as I watched her go. I remember that I had come to this cold conclusion when I was just a little child who had sought for affection at the wrong time. Because crying didn’t lead me anywhere. No one paid attention anyway.
But as I stare at her back… walking away from me…

I felt like we were both tied to a string and the more she went away, the more the string pulled at my heart and tore my skin. It hurt.
And it hurt my eyes too.

For so many years, nothing has made me cried as much. Tears rolled down my cheeks like a waterfall. I made no sound but I shook all over. I knew that I was going to see her again. Yet I couldn’t stop crying.

And my own words of the past hung in the air:
“It’s time to be a big girl now. And big girls don’t cry.”


All right so this little flash fiction above is my contribution to this week’s Listen & Write – which is in fact another version of Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia’s Blog 🙂 [you can check out the P&W badge on my sidebar on your right]

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I’ve wanted to share this with you today because… well to tell you the truth: I hate to cry.

There really was a time when I considered crying as a weakness, although sometimes I blame myself for even thinking of that because at times I feel like it’s better for me to cry and unleash all those feelings inside of me… but because I’ve programmed my brain not to cry at all times, it’s been hard to shed tears. And when I shed tears without my consent I usually just want to hit myself and get angry at myself. That’s bad. (And yes I have flaws too as you can see.) And that’s why when I give my consent… it just doesn’t work.

Crying can be a way to comfort yourself when you are alone. It drains all your sorrows and negativity out of your body and makes you feel better afterwards. I’d say it’s healthy to cry when you are depressed or whatever blue mood. It relieves you.

Let your tears flow. Don’t be ashamed of them.

An Evil Nymph.

PS: the photo is one of the eye looks I did last year whose theme is ‘sadness’. (

21 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Cry…

  1. I hate crying too. Ppl think I’m such a coldhearted person, that when u do cry, its to get attention. Bah humbug. I also cry over books,anime,shows,movies but can’t show any emotion when it’s real people stuff.

  2. If big girls aren’t supposed to cry, I’ve failed hoooooorribly.

    I’ve been crying for 2 year stait over my sister’s murder.

    Fergie’s song SUCKSssssssssssss.


  3. I like the idea of weakness and crying being associated by a moment of self connection rather than that of society, but it also saddens me that people see it as a weakness at all. Crying to the extend or paralysis, making yourself unable to cope with a situation, or crying excessively over something other than death (or something equally appropriate), could be seen as weakness. But as you said, crying is a method of comfort, and bottling it up isn’t healthy. Best to get it out, them move on to more productive actions.

    Thanks for contributing, sorry I’m so late getting back to comments.

  4. Crying is good whether it be for a happy moment or sad… but too much of anything is not good at all.

    ‘Mono no aware’
    A deep feeling over things
    The sensitivity to beauty
    The ‘ah-ness of things’
    -Motoori Norinaga-

    (A sad thing is sad to any man of cultivation and breeding: If there is anyone who fails to feel sad, he is heartless or he does not know Mono no aware).

    In Norinaga’s view, mono no aware is a purified and exalted feeling, close to the innermost heart of man and nature. It tends to focus on the beauty of impermanence and on the sensitive heart capable of appreciating that beauty.

  5. Honey, real girls and big girls do cry. Fergie’s song is just a song. In the real world, crying can be cathartic and there is nothing wrong with it. 😉

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