Guest Post: Different Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

Now that summer is here and classes are over you probably have a lot of extra free time to play around with. And while hanging out with friends and goofing off is always the most pleasurable way to spend time, it’s not always the most financially friendly, especially if you have no means of an income. And even if you do have a job and you’re just looking for some easy ways to make extra money to help fund your summer plans, these ideas will help you do just that:


1.      Sell old clothes to a resale shop – Instead of hanging on to clothes you never wear or tossing them into a garage sale pile where they’ll sell for a quarter a piece, take them to a local resale shop and sell them there. Some resale shops pay you up front and some pay you as your items sell, but either way you’ll end up with some extra spending money.


2.      Join a paid review site – If you have a blog then writing sponsored reviews can help you earn some money from it. There are several websites out there, such as, which offer compensation in exchange for written product reviews. The type of review and length of the post generally determines how much money you’ll make from it, and the amount of reviews you write will dictate your overall earnings.


3.      Take up pet-sitting – While your neighbors and family friends are on vacation you can offer to pet sit for them so they don’t have to find a place to take their animals. Not only will it be cheaper for them than boarding the animals, but their animals will be able to stay in their own homes and regularly see a friendly, familiar face, which will probably make them more comfortable than being around strange people and animals.


4.      Tutor other students – If you have a subject that you’re particularly good at or a hobby that others might like to learn, such as photography or web design, then you can offer tutoring services/classes to help others master the subject. You’ll be able to help others while doing something that you enjoy doing and making money from it. It’s the perfect job!


5.      Find odd jobs around the neighborhood – Whether it’s mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, or weeding gardens, it’s likely that your neighbors will have odd jobs that they’d rather pay someone else a nominal fee to do. This is your chance to grab a hold of that and offer lower prices than professional services. You’ll make money, they’ll save money and time, and everyone will be happy in the end.


There are always the traditional routes to make money as well, such as working part-time at a local store or babysitting or Nanning. Making a little extra spending money is never a bad thing, and if you can help others in the process then it will just make that earned money that much sweeter!


The Author 🙂

Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, and Babysitting, full time nanny tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @

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