When You Can’t Push Aside Your Feelings To Blog…

Blogging is another part of your immense life which involves so many other aspects like work or family…

There is a time when it seems that everything is balanced, your time scheduled and your days well spent, but sometimes it all goes unexpectedly wrong.

You might have noticed that I usually blog every two days but at times I expand it to three days’ interval and that is mostly either because of school/tiredness or because of… feelings.

Credits to Google Images – as always.

Everyone has their mood swings from time to time and it is more frequent in teenage years or among women – as we all are aware of the fact that we have PMS

Today I am frustrated. Frustrated and lost and tired, because my life outside of blogging has become chaotic and confusing. Everyone is trying to pull me everywhere, shaping me however they wish and I’m being rebellious but then this just worsens everything else and I’m just stuck in a vicious circle… I only find peace in blogging.

Or maybe all of this is all in my head.

Except that something really annoying happened this afternoon, which encouraged me to blog, and here’s the actual article on the frustrating matter: At Makeup Counters: They Think I’m Crazy.

Alright enough about me now, and let’s get to the point: what can you possibly do when you are aware that you have to keep your blog’s audience updated when at the same time you’re overwhelmed with all kinds of strong emotions inside…?

Most people out there will advise you to plan well in advance your blog posts. You can indeed write posts in advance, keep them as drafts and publish them after your usual days’ interval.

But sometimes an idea for a post – inspired by things that happened recently/blog awards – can spring into your mind and break the routine you have carefully planned. And I know that many will disagree with me but I prefer to write on the spot, having only a title or a vague idea of what I’m about to write, because I believe it’s so much fun 🙂

Therefore the advice I will personally suggest is…

Use your feelings to start a new post.

Don’t push them aside if it will only tire you more. You’ll just end up going to bed with a headache and without having achieved the “You published your ***th posts!”

Follow your instincts, write about your feelings, about what happened… Change names if it makes the writing easier. Write a poem, a short story. Inspire yourself from what you are feeling. After all those bloggers out there are as human as you – they will understand 🙂

Hope it helps!

An Evil Nymph.

13 thoughts on “When You Can’t Push Aside Your Feelings To Blog…

  1. Blogging is definitely a wonderful writing exercise, It gives you a freedom to write what’s on your mind; planning your posts too far ahead seems almost a betrayal of that idea, depending on what content you want to offer.

  2. That’s exactly how I do it. Sometimes I don’t even have a title. I just sit down, click on “New Post” and start writing. Maybe that’s why my entries wander, but I think it’s more interesting that way.

  3. This write-up says it all, and I agree with you. I fight it all the time, and I get lazy to just pick up a pen and write when I have ideas or feelings running tru my head, I just get lazy after the day’s work , and push those wonderful thoughts aside. I think am going to improve on this tho.

    Great piece.

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