Your Eyes… And Mine

This post is inspired by Picture it & Write #32 – which comes from a series of weekly challenges hosted by Ermilia’s Blog.

I believe that the eye is the most mysterious organ of our body. Not in the biological – all scientific – way of seeing it but in a deeper way… spiritual? I don’t know the right word, but what I know is that I believe in the saying that goes: “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” We can perceive so many things about a person just by looking into their eyes. The eyes reflect our deepest emotions although our face struggles not to.

Also, I’m sure you have all experienced this: when you pass on a message to a close one simply through your eyes… and the person immediately gets it. And most of the time you both end up smiling or laughing like two accomplices… (happens a lot at school ^^)

Moreover, making eye contact is important to make someone trust you or to sustain your argument – to show your sincerity (great tip to apply at work by the way).

I am fascinated by the fact that a single eye contact can move moutains in one’s life. But when mountains are moved, we can never be sure whether they will move to let the sun shine through or to make big rocks fall onto our heads,,,

All right here’s the fiction part of the post now (I usually write some fictional paragraphs for the challenge so… better keep the tradition!):


I never thought it would have been like this.

I had a cat at home called Shadow. Her fur was all black and she slept most of the time, but when she was awake, I could fall on my knees and stare at her beautiful green eyes for hours.

All right, it didn’t happen this way with him. But it was close.

I was, like every Saturday, at my drama lessons which were held in a big hall in the main city called Zena. I was really excited for the big day which would be coming sooner than expected. But we were all prepared. I knew my parts. I studied deep into my character. When we played on stage, I realised how beautiful the story was, how well planned it had been. I have never really paid attention to the scriptwriter himself since the repetitions started, but on that day I was aware that this play was wonderful… because of him.

After my lessons were over, I saw him leaning over a table, studying some sheets. I could not see his frowning face though I noticed how his hair was so dark that no light seemed to be able to be reflected on its surface. He wore his usual black t-shirt and torn jeans.

I stepped towards him and casually patted his back.

“Still busy?”

He lifted his head and stared at me.

And this was the beginning of everything.

The second our eyes got interlocked, I fell into a kaleidoscopic hole. Time had stopped as I made my way through his dark brown eyes. I was out of control. I could only freeze as I fell into the darkness of his irises. It seemed as if his soul has been caught off guard; it had been left open and it dragged me into it involuntarily.

He was a boy like any other. He had a life, with its joys and tears. He was young, maybe around the same age as I. He had feelings too, like any other human being, despite his tendency of always building walls around him, sitting in a dark corner, like he always did during the weekly meetings…

The deep connection was abruptly cut as he turned his head away from me. Had he experienced the same thing? What did he see in my eyes? For how long have we been standing like two statues staring at each other?

What had just exactly happened?

While my confused mind was processing all of this, he hastily took his sheets and the rest of his stuff and almost ran away to the exit door.

When I arrived home a few minutes later, Shadow was waiting for me on the sofa, glaring at me with its wide green eyes, as if it was telling me:

I was waiting for this moment, Clare. And don’t worry, I already know too much not to know what just happened between you and Caleb.

I started to apprehend what would be coming next…


Wow. The power of a keyboard and fingers… can it be that strong? xD

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Feel free to participate in Picture it & Write too!

An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “Your Eyes… And Mine

  1. I loved falling into the kaleidoscope! I’m over it now, but I used to stare into my eyes in the mirror to see what others see in the windows of my soul. Good job! I really liked this, Daphne.

  2. I agree about what you’ve said about the eyes, such a regular feature of the human anatomy is capable of expressing so much … it’s really somrthing when you sit and think about it.
    I wished I knew what happened between those two. I really enjoyed it 😀

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