When I don’t Write, I Draw :)

It’s heartbreaking to turn over the last page of a very dear writing/ideas copybook… and realise that you have so much to tell, to note down, yet there is no more space.

Yes, my two favourite writing copybooks (where I write snippets of stories and jot down ideas of plots, etc) got used up, and now I’ll have to buy others. 😦

Remember THIS POST?

All right I have another idea copybook but I don’t really like to write in this one. You see, most of these copybooks have been offered to me as gifts, thus I didn’t choose them… so it’s no surprise if some just don’t fit my taste 😛

Why don’t I use the keyboard? Microsoft Word? Well for me, typing is for more serious stuff, like writing on my blog, in my dear diary and writing stories I am confident of maybe finishing them… whereas when I use my copybooks and pencils and  pens, it’s just to express myself. In any way. But in a way that is not publishable, only for the fun of writing.

Thus I’ve decided to draw. What do I draw? My characters of course! Do you remember when I drew Elaine?

This time, I drew Kerra 🙂

Meet Kerra 🙂

She is the antagonist of my future Camp NaNo August novel… and I love her! Hehe I have a soft spot for evilness… ^^

Drawing/sketching characters are much helpful when you want to get deeper into characterization. Sometimes, the looks can tell much more than pages of description. And you don’t need to be an artist to do it!

Anyway, aren’t writers artists? 🙂

Just try. Leave that keyboard for a while, and take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Then let your magic fingers work! It’s fun and relaxing, I guarantee!

An Evil Nymph.

29 thoughts on “When I don’t Write, I Draw :)

  1. I love writing as well c; some
    of my friends (with phones &
    pc) finds me weird when I
    write on paper…
    Oh well I just love the old
    fashion way I guess!


  2. Nice Drawing

    Hey Evil, I just wanted to say Thanks for Following “The Dark Globe”… It’s June Follower’s Appreciation Month over there, you should check it out


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