Closeness & Creativity [WPCs]

In this post I’m catching up on the Weekly Photo Challenge, which I missed last week because of some lack of photographic inspiration and emotional turmoils… Anyway, I’m fine today 🙂 So here we go!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

As you have seen in my previous post, I’ve been drawing lately, and because I don’t have any photos inspired by ‘close’ – or if I do I don’t want to post them I guess because of some kind of reason my conscience has… – I’m going to show you my latest and completed drawing:

How can this relate to ‘close’?

Well first of all, obviously this is a close-up drawing of my face (lol! in my own drawing style) showing my main inner demon: shyness. It can be an asset of course because when one is shy, one tends to be careful about what should be said or done… but being too shy – like me – is deadly harmful.

Sometimes I’m way too shy and this causes walls to be built up around me. And it’s hard to let anyone in…

Insecurity problems? Maybe, I don’t know.

It is said that it has to have bloomed from something that happened in childhood… but I just can’t remember anything that could have make it that way…

Anyway, although I sometimes find myself unable to fit in because of the walls and I’m thus frustrated as I can’t get any closer or let anyone get closer (yes they are in italics because that’s how I related the drawing to the theme of ‘close’), I fight everyday. I try to break through the walls every time I can, and everyday I get a little closer to overcoming this harmful shyness of mine 🙂

And today I took some bricks out of the walls because today I did something that requires much courage and give up shyness. ^^ And I feel so happy! So relieved!

Now, some more bricks to go…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Drawing unleashes creativity… as much as writing!

♥ I love black pencils ♥

Splashes of colours! Painting – canvas or nails – is a great source of creativity!

And because we’re talking of creativity here, I’d like to share with you a little piece of fiction, which is the sequel of Your Eyes… And Mine  and again inspired by this week’s Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia’s Blog:

The cold breeze wash out my face with droplets of salty water as I stood on the deck of the ship that would lead me to my European vacation spots. I was thrilled to discover more about my continent: admire Paris, wonder in Italy…

My black cat, Shadow, purred and curled itself around my ankle.

I didn’t want to be reminded of this, but yes, this trip didn’t have the sole purpose of discovering new lands, but it was a way to escape my current life which is buzzing with torment thanks to my never-stop-working mind.

I longed to escape from my mundane life for some time. I longed to escape from this dark-haired guy, Caleb.


Since the day our eyes met, I found myself unable not to think of him. Despite myself, I was in love with him.

But our love was impossible. A few days ago, the play of our drama club was performed. The adventure was over. Thus, I might not see him again. Soon, the holidays would end and I would have to get back to college.

And bye bye gorgeous Caleb with the dark mysterious eyes…

Stop it!

I. Had. To. Stop. It.

As I watched the silent waves of the sea being hit by the ship, I thought of my peaceful life, being hit by love at first sight. And I stared as the now agitated waves, boiling with anger, trying to get away from the boat as quickly as possible and head for the beach miles away, wondering if I would be able to reach the beach myself…

Or will he haunt me as long as I live?

An Evil Nymph.

27 thoughts on “Closeness & Creativity [WPCs]

    1. No I just can’t be ‘close’ to other people because of my shyness which is illustrated in the drawing 🙂 My interpretation of the challenge is to tackle the opposite of being ‘close’.

  1. Hey girl, you’re so talented! And good for you for being brave despite your shyness! I’ve been quite shy about a lot of things over the years and I find what helps the most is to do whatever it is you’re shy about over and over again until it becomes a comfortable thing. Even if you commit to doing it once, like getting up the courage to talk to someone you like or do some public speaking, and see that it didn’t turn out so bad in the end, it’ll help build your confidence bit by bit! 🙂

  2. A very creative way of visually exemplifying your shyness; long bangs hiding one eye while the other remains quite visible and completely observant (so called emo hair).

    Very expressive idea.

  3. That Shy drawing is SO expressive!
    I truly love it.
    And don’t worry about being shy. Most of us are shy really. And I bet even many of those who give the appearance of confidence are quaking inside with self-doubt.
    But good on you for moving forward with becoming more confident about yourself.
    You obviously have a lot to give.

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      Indeed I agree.
      It feels good to give… 🙂 without expecting anything in return, but then obviously receiving something in the long run.

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