Sites of the Month: June 2012

I realised that I didn’t discover many new websites for me to share with you this month. To tell you the truth it has been in all a very… moody June, but despite all of this, I am still committed to blogging 🙂 I just can’t let YOU down, my wonderful readers!

That’s why I’m going to start this monthly post by thanking two dear bloggers who have given me awards each during the month! 🙂

I thank Rebecca from The Way I Am for nominating me for the Tell Me About Yourself Award! 🙂

Tell you about myself? Ha! There’s so much I’ve revealed about myself through these pages… 😛

And I thank EK photography & art gallery for giving me The One Lovely Blog Award!

(wow I love this one’s design! :P)

And I know there are rules accompanied with both of the awards and I had fun respecting them for a while… but now as I’ve been a blogger for rather a long time (all right barely a year) I can’t seem to decide to whom to give away these wonderful awards! I’ve met so many people here in WordPress 🙂 and I can’t thank you enough!

So thanks again!

Now let’s get on to the usual ‘Sites of the Month’ ritual:

10 Reasons why I support Gay Marriage is an awesome article on the particular debate of gay marriage. This was shared to me by one of my best friends. Because everyone has the right to love 🙂

If You Love Someone Should You Tell Them? is another great article… and the title just says it all! But I’m going to give my personal answer: YES! Absolutely do tell them! If you really really love them it’ll relieve you to do so 🙂

I like to dress myself up and it’s fun to look at some inspirations, outfits and fashions on the web… and where do I like to hang out? On DailyLook! I subscribed and everyday I am provided with new looks/outfits/styles.

PostSecret is a website I found through TedxTalks which I absolutely love! It’s a website where many people around the world has emailed or mailed a postcard to the founder of the website on which they wrote a secret anonymously… and which they allowed to share to the whole world! There are some true and beautiful secrets out there so check it out… and maybe participate too?

Here’s the list of the Best TEDxTalks on Youtube in general, but I’m going to list you some of my favourites – excluding those which are in the best of playlist which I just linked – (well at least those which I took the pains to save… because I’ve watched so much of TEDxTalks xP). Enjoy! They’re all worth your time 🙂

Just wanna tell: The last two ones are mainly for those interested with writing/screenwriting.

Anyway, I’m totally obsessed with TEDxTalks!

An Evil Nymph.

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