1st July: Why It Is An Important Date…

The 1st of July: another morning, another day that I have to face, with mingled and shaken hopes, dreams, fears…

Well it’s like any other day. Except that this date has been holding many important events in my life. It’s a special date, that many have too I hope, which isn’t my birthday, but has been a boundary that I successfully crossed… in 2007…

1st July: Why It Is An Important Date…

1. It is my Diary’s birthday!!! 🙂

Am I hearing: “Duhh so what?”? Well I’m not really talking about this kind of diary:

But about a password-protected Microsoft Word document which has been created on the 1st July 2007, first destined to keep all my Harry Potter craziness in it, but then slowly becoming a real diary, where I talked about everything, about my dreams and depressions…

All right, this is part of the first page of my famous diary 🙂 which I’ve never shown to anyone actually, but anyway, I decided to take a step further forward today and share this. If you’ve been reading what’s in it, you might think I’m mad. Well, at least I hope writers do understand this madness. Epic writer’s craziness.

For five years, this document has been my friend, listener, supporter… It really does you good to have a diary. Especially if you are a crazy addicted writer, like I am.

When I write in this diary (because I have other diaries, oh yes xD) I usually address myself to my characters. (crazy, totally) Yes this is one of my secrets revealed. I speak to my characters. Because for me, I have been creating characters for years, and when the years go by, I unconsciously start to know them… for real. No kidding. Then when I need to write a story or whatever, I browse through them, selecting the appropriate actors… or I simply create new ones. But I never ever discard old characters.

I hope I’m not alone in this case…? Hey, writers out there?

Okay, so it’s been five years since these pages got overloaded with twists and turns in my life… and it reached 1,177 pages, with 325,057 words! 😀 [and still increasing…]

Don’t know if I’ll have the courage to read it all one day. Sometimes I do read my past… and I can just see the changes I’ve gone through and all… and all of this clasped in a little 4.6 mb file… it’s just amazing. I feel like I’ve been trapping time into pages. Writing is magic. xD


2. It’s my godmother’s birthday!

If she’s ever reading this, well, I wish you a…

Credits to Google Images

Wish you all the best!

Bless all those who are born on this particular date! Because I love it 🙂


3. It’s been 4 years since I’m wearing glasses.

Random photo of me… 😛

Yes, coincidentally, my first pair of glasses was ready to be worn on the 1st July 2008. I remember I was so excited… because of the date 🙂

Oh and also because I would finally be able to see clearer…


4. And at last… the newest event which happens today is that…

In a month exactly, An Evil Nymph’s Blog will be celebrating its very first anniversary!!!! 🙂

Credits to Google Images

Oh yeah, I’m sooo thrilled!


Have an AWESOME 1st of July!

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “1st July: Why It Is An Important Date…

  1. i feel like this diary is soon gonna be published as a famous writer’s story x3

      1. Oh my! HAHA, Sorry sweet daphnee …. my keyword got wrong. 😛
        Indeed, Happy birthday to your godmother !!

  2. Hey wow!! That’s is really a great achievement!
    And I want to tell you something, which you already know….You write so nicely and it feels like you do it so easily!
    I love it and it inspires me too! 🙂
    Keep Rocking always!!

  3. Wow congrats on all these events!! July 1’s is definitively a special day for you! Best wishes to you, your blog, your godmother and your diary!

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