The Love Key… Among Others

I again got inspired to write this post thanks to Ermilia’s Picture it & Write! Really, the pictures are just so beautiful! Proof – here’s this week’s picture:

See? I feel so much like writing a whole post dedicated to this photo!

Before I move on to the fiction part, I’d like to point out some things.

Life is like a complicated spider web. We stick to it but we’re often lost in its threads, because in fact it has so many parts: family, work, love… And sometimes it’s hard to prioritize.

People constantly say that we should listen to our hearts, but in truth they all want us to follow a robotised life: school, work, marriage… without taking into consideration our deepest desires and dreams. Then comes the rebels…

The society where I live prefers to give more importance to work, studies, our professional life. Though I know that others prefer to prioritize love: friends, family, lover… social relationships. In truth, I believe they are all equally important. One can’t exist without the other. You need your family to give you support in your professional projects, etc. All threads of the web are interlocked.

But what if one day, an old woman comes into your life, and tells you that you have to choose one part, one thread only. What if she spreads out magic keys on a table, with a word engraved on each one (see photo above), and tells you to pick one at random or at choice?


Fiction part:

His messy black hair hung over his eyes while his hands gracefully put words onto paper. The holidays were over too soon and in the blink of an eye, I was compelled to come back home and resume my mundane life.

To see him again…

The Drama Club was ready to start all over again, a new year with a new script, which Caleb was currently writing. I had arrived early at the meeting this Saturday, excited to begin our activities, but the sight of him drained me instantly.

While I was visiting Europe, despite all my might, I could not stop thinking about him.

And a single day in Rome replayed in my head.

Shadow and I were lucky to have come to Italy at a festive period of the year. The big town of Rome felt so alive with its vivid colours and crowds of people. We visited all the shops, all of which were on sale, but it was an intriguing white and red tent which really caught my eye. It looked shy, remaining away from the other buildings…

My curious nature prickled my legs as I entered the little tent.

“G’Day my child.”

An old woman was sitting behind a low table, on which copper keys were spread. Her accent was thick but comprehensible.

“Good morning, uh…”

What was I supposed to say?

She spared me an embarrassing moment: “Come, come, and choose one key.” As I walked in and sat in front of the table, she went on: “Or let the keys choose you.”

I was puzzled and felt slightly uneasy, yet I stayed and took a closer look at those keys. On each of them was engraved a single word.

“What is missing in your life, my child? Take its key and open the door…”

As I looked back at this memory, I tightened my grip onto the copper key that I kept in the pocket of my jeans. I remember being in a hurry and not taking the woman seriously, thus picking a key at random without glancing and paid her.

Once I had gotten out of the little tent, I had opened my palm…

And had stared at the key of love.

Therefore, here I was, glaring at Caleb’s slender figure leaning against the wall, holding the key as a lucky charm, and taking a deep breath, I walked to an inevitable fate…


If you’ve guessed, this is again a sequel to a sort of story that I’m slowly building with the help of the pictures in Picture It & Write. Frustrated you’ve missed what had happened before that? Check these out then:

1. Your Eyes… And Mine

2. An Escape Attempt (keep scrolling for this one, it’s at the very end of the post!)

So I guess I should give this little random writing thing a story title? How about ‘Unpredicted’? 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

13 thoughts on “The Love Key… Among Others

  1. It’s great to see this story progress! I’m glad Picture it & write’s posts have pushed this story along. I wonder what will happen next! Personally, I would have no idea which key I would pick. Day and night would fall before randomly picking one because the old lady wants to go home. Thanks for contributing this week, M.D. Love your work!

    – Ermisenda

    1. Thank you!
      Lol for sure it’s a hard decision – better rely on the power of fate and coincidences 😉
      It’s always a great pleasure to write for Picture it & Write!

  2. I’ve been stuck feeling like dedicating a whole post to these photos a while now… Gotta say I get that! 😉

    I totally ♥ LOVE ♥ that Shadow traveled with you to Rome! That is sooooo awesome!!!! I swear I squealed (kinda quietly though cuz it’s late here, but I did)! Oh please don’t let this inspiration go.

    1. Well don’t hesitate to do so 🙂
      Thanks a lot Anne! LOL I love Shadow so much I wish I had her for real.
      Sure I won’t let it go! Thanks for coming by! You’re such an awesome writer yourself!

  3. Another amazing , captivating story from a brilliant, optimistic mind. Thanks for sharing your world with us. I can so relate when you wrote, “Life is like a complicated spider web. We stick to it but we’re often lost in its threads, because in fact it has so many parts: family, work, love… And sometimes it’s hard to prioritize.” We can only do our best. Sometimes it’s easier to get out of the web when we are calm and just taking our time to enjoy what life has to offer.

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