The Power To Help Is In Our Hands

As from today, I’ll be trying to display my own original pictures instead of Google Images. It’s better this way 🙂 and more fun!

Back in 2009-2010, I badly wanted to become a clinical psychologist. Of course, the writer was still simmering inside, but I needed something else… I didn’t want to study writing because I don’t want to be compelled of doing something I love and I feared to stop loving it if I was too much forced into it. 

Today, I’m reconsidering this.

Because I recently remembered why I actually wanted to meddle with mental illnesses.

The reason wasn’t to be called ‘Doctor’ or to have money or even because I considered myself as being one of the mad people. No. The primary reason that pulled me into psychology and struggling to remember all the possible names of the various mental disorders was that I just wanted to help.

I could have become a doctor, but I didn’t want to study science in high school and had already opted for languages anyway. So the nearest possible career was becoming a psychologist. I remembered that I just felt so excited to be able to cure, or at least counsel, teens like me who suffered depression, bipolar moods…

Really, this should be the main reason for people to engage in medicine: the power to help others.

We all wish to have superpowers: the power to fly, to teleport, to read in people’s minds… But life is unfair and didn’t offer us those. However, we are all given talents when we’re born. Or the ability to develop them. We can learn to make something out of our life, to earn a living.

Think of all those people who are deprived of a house, education, love… who are unable to express their talents.

And think of how lucky we are after all.

And after some reflection, I realised that in the end, the most awesome superpower we all have in common, the talent that everyone has and can use for good purposes, is to help people. A tiny action such as a smile can help anyone to come out of their gloominess, for example. No need for money or certificates for that 🙂 It’s awesome!

Have you ever thought about it? Not everyone can sing or write or dance. But we can all thrive to help and cure the world. Make it a better place.

Dare make your life worthwhile. I know you can.

I want to write novels, yes, but I also want to make my life worthwhile. I want to help people. I might not necessarily become a psychologist, but a (career) counsellor, social worker, teen therapist… I don’t know yet. But I want to help teenagers especially, because I know that the time frame between being a child and being a mature adult is like the most broken and unpolished path.

I’ve been inspired to reconsider this thanks to a strangely very interesting sub-chapter in my sociology classes called youth subcultures, and the guy who was the guest of honour on our annual Prize Giving Ceremony, who talked obviously about helping people, and who thus flashbacked me to my younger self who desperately wanted to become a psychologist. He told us something very important: we are here receiving prizes due to our excellent academic performance, and thus we are talented, we have the potential to achieve something greater in life. So why not use this talent, this ability of ours for a good cause: to help those who aren’t as lucky as us instead of searching for fame and financial success?

Oh god, he’s so right. Ringing bells in my head!

I believe that helping others is like giving without expecting anything in return, and to give is to receive even more. That’s true guys! And (lol) blogging has taught me that! [if you want an explanation, that would be for another post 😛 but if you are regular bloggers yourselves you surely understand my point :)]

So stop looking at yourself all the time. Look around you. And start helping.

An Evil Nymph.

PS: I already started by signing the pledge of the ItGetsBetter project, a project that aims at helping those who are struggling to come out as being in the LGTB community. 🙂 You are most welcomed to do it too!

7 thoughts on “The Power To Help Is In Our Hands

  1. Excellent stuff! You could be a youth worker or set up your own innovative community-led and focused project. Perhaps you need to step into the world of social business enterprise and become a social entrepreneur in the future 😉

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