My World In Pictures [Special 200th Post!]

Hello dear readers! As you’re reading this I would have pressed the ‘publish’ button for the 200th time since An Evil Nymph was born! Yeah! 🙂

I did a special post for my 100th post, so why not for the 200th one? For those who have been following me for a while, you might have read it: My Writing Mistakes [Special 100th post]. Because it was entirely on writing, I’d like to approach my 200th post differently: with pictures!

I was fooling around with my phone [camera + photo editor] instead of doing my homework during the weekend… (don’t worry, the work was done in the end) and I’d like to share some of them today.


Nomnomnom! You all know I’m a chocolate addict! Especially when I’m in a good mood 🙂



My favourite alcoholic drink besides Moet & Chandron champagne 😉
Truth: I always drink in front of my parents!!



My new bag!!! That I love so much ♥



I’ve been crazy over this dress when I spotted it in a MANGO catalogue… and I bought it!! 🙂 The military green one though because there was any blue ones…



That’s a cute quote… and a cute bookmark that I often used these days.


The latest necklace I’ve bought… and that I’m totally addicted with ♥.♥



My G. P. essay title! Homework! Well, part of it…



I just can’t remember where I put the actual paper… xD



Rainbow prints on an old T-shirt… ^^



And finally… the cutest thing ever than I did in PicsArt! 🙂



An Evil Nymph.

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