Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming


If you are ever wondering: this weekly photo challenge this is hosted by The Daily Post.

Thanks to my friends at school, I was able to find an awesome photo for the theme of ‘dreaming’:

There are two types of dreams: daydreaming and REM (Rapid Eye Movement – which is a sleep stage in which you dream).

Daydreaming involves being awake, but being mentally away from the current reality. We daydream of the future, of the past, of our worries, of our joys… As long as we’re not sleeping, I call it daydreaming.

On the other hand, dreaming at night when sleeping is different. When we sleep and dream… there is no control. The dreams do not appear by command – they come when least expected and sometimes what the images are trying to show is not very pleasant. It’s somehow frightening. These weird videos that play in our minds… which hide some meaning behind them. When something is persistent, we become curious and we search for its interpretation.

I often use the website DreamMoods for that 🙂 Although we should not rely too much on the given meanings, it’s fun to check them out.

But then, what if both daydreaming and REM meet?

Premonitory dreams, I believe in them. Anyway, I’m not exactly talking about this, but mostly about our desires, these kinds of daydreams, in life that we end up dreaming at night. I mean, sometimes we dream of our deepest wishes and this gives us hope. Hope that our dreams might actually come true. We can daydream of something and believe it will never happen but when this inner mysterious conscience that wakes up at night and starts flipping images in our heads…

We therefore think that our dreams can possibly be closer to reality that we’d thought.

And this is when dreams are most vulnerable.

Because then they can be shattered at once glance.

The only remedy or resistance to this: believe in them. Have faith in yourself 🙂

So dream on, people!


An Evil Nymph.

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