Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Yesterday I attended the last day of the MUN (Model United Nations) Conference of this year – organised for students… and for us to think of a brighter future 🙂 We all sang ‘We are the world’ in the end of the closing ceremony:

Do you see how beautiful it is when all the lights are turned off except the ones on stage?

This spotlight effect, I believe, can also reflect us, inside.

In every one of us, deep inside, something wonderful is shining. It’s glowing in yearning to spread its light, to make a change.

Deep inside lies our strongest desires, our purest wishes, our most ambitious dreams. Our brightest qualities.

Now our goal is to ignite them and make them erupt onto our outer surface.

And light up the rest of the world 🙂


By the way this is my friend Anshika and I, sitting in the dark at the closing ceremony. 😛

An Evil Nymph.

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