Sites Of The Month: July 2012

This month seemed very long to me because so much happened in these 30 days…

At the beginning I remembered I was much concerned about causes such as bullying and I wish to remind you again that YOU’RE NEVER ALONE. Whether you want to help or seek help…

Check out – where you’re NOT alone.

Join the It Gets Better Project where we give hope to the LGBT youth.

Hope – Image credits to Google images

I’ve been watching a lot of TedxTalks too and I’ve discovered a great author, Susan Cain who studies the power of introverts. Yes we are powerful 😉

How about some lessons in Lie Spotting?

There’s also another woman I discovered through TedxTalks: Brené Brown. She is famous for her talk on The Power of Vulnerability. She is awesome.

Then there was a time when I wanted to become a nomad for a period of time in my future life – and it’s still one of my far away unreachable dreams and I discovered The Modern Nomad.

Also I fell in love with shopping at MANGO!

But I never forget my passion for writing and as time passes, I’m thinking a little bit more seriously about my future writing career… so Make a Living Writing!

I’ve fallen in love with Aliventures, a blog for writers and here she talks about Four Simple Steps for Editing Your Own Writing.

Do you know Ollin Morales? He’s the blogger of Courage 2 Create and wrote an interesting article as guest post: The 4-Hour Novel: How to Balance Work, Life, Blogging and Your Passion.

Terrible minds! How To Be A Full-Time Writer and 25 Things You Should Know About Self-Publishing. It’s an awesome website for aspiring writers 🙂 And I love this (from How To Be A Full-Time Writer):

A very helpful website when you’re done with your book: Novel Publicity!

And finally at the end of the month I’ve been laughing a lot because I’ve been watching French humorists on YouTube such as Gad Elmaleh, Jamel Debbouze but then I discovered Shirley Souagnon! I love her!! Anyway too bad most of you don’t understand French.


Now I’d like to thank two awesome bloggers who have given me awards!

First Namita Lad @ What Life Says has offered me the Illuminating Blogger Award:

Then Shira @ The Way I Live Naturally gave me the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thank you so much!!!

An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “Sites Of The Month: July 2012

  1. Great links, Daphne. I am definitely going to look at Make a Living Writing…

    I agree you will rock when the time comes 🙂

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