Those Dreams That Are Blurry

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some fiction! And I have to catch up on ‘Unpredicted’ – a mini series of short stories which is inspired weekly by Picture it & Write 🙂 You can see that I’ve published a new page just below the ‘An Evil Nymph’ banner, next to the ‘Another Blog!’ tab, called ‘The ‘Unpredicted’ series’ where I’ll be updating the ‘chapters’ (if we should call these chapters) of the series as it progresses every week…

Check it out!

Now here’s last week picture (which I did get to write on time because I had to do the ‘Sites of the Month’ post…):

The fiction part:

“I love you.” Those three magical words that burnt my tongue were only waiting to get out of my mouth. I did not know whether Caleb felt the same way about me though, but I had to get them out. Will they freak him out? Maybe but somehow I did not care. Yet I kept my mouth shut during all these Saturdays next to him, talking and laughing, acting and working.

The words still stung my tongue as I went to bed at night.

Shadow, my black cat crept beside me as usual and curled up in my arms. I fought my way to sleep…

…and awoke in a desert.

I knew instantly that I was dreaming. I had had much experience with dreams of all types. The lucid ones, the nightmares, the very-unlikely-to-happen ones, the easy-to-believe ones…

This one, I usually placed it in the blurry dreams category. Not only was my surroundings all hazy – the only thing I could make out was the sand beneath my feet, the hot sun over my face and silhouettes which resembled the nomads I had watched on T.V. last night – but I was almost half-way paralysed. I could not move my legs and feet, only the upper part of my body would respond to my brain’s orders.

I was thirsty and begged for the nomads to come closer. They could not hear me. My lips were breaking. My tongue was dry. My throat felt sticky. I started to panic.

This is only a dream, Clare. Just a dream…

Still I could not stop myself from waving my hands up in the air to catch their attention. My body acted so silly in dreams. Yet to my surprise, the group of nomads came closer. I frowned, unable to perceive their faces, they were all so blurry.

Something was strange though. The closer they came, the fewer they seemed to be. I had seen a group of at least ten of them, but now all I could see was five, no three, no, one person only.


He was wearing a long black ceremonial robe, as if he was preparing himself for some pagan ritual. He came towards me with a smile. After a while, his face was so close to mine that I thought I would be offered a kiss, but he stayed still. He was staring at me as if he was a robot which had just been deactivated.

Panic went up to my throat again. It reminded me of my overwhelming thirst.

I opened my mouth, ready to ask for water, but instead, those three words came out: “I love you.”

Caleb blinked. I jumped, at least, I wish I could, but I jumped in my mind, as his sudden movement had scared me. He grinned, baring his teeth, which were a little too elongated and pointed for my tasted.

Oh god.

Everything became blurry again as Caleb bent down and bit my throat. I was blinded by multiple daggers of pain. I could not move. I was powerless.

Caleb had become a vampire and was sucking my blood. I tried to scream though no sound came out. Or was it that my ears weren’t functioning anymore? Where was I again?

A desert. Yes, indeed. People got thirsty in deserts.

Boom… Boom…

My heart… the beats were fading away…

And my whole self faded away altogether…

An Evil Nymph.

9 thoughts on “Those Dreams That Are Blurry

  1. Ooooowwww; vampires are making their mark everywhere these days….
    And then they fade away…… 🙂
    The last 4 lines summed up your story wonderfully…. 🙂

  2. Oo, vampires. I would have not expected that! Vampires in deserts… sounds like a new genre to me. Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write, M.D! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    1. Lol! I didn’t put Shadow because Clare couldn’t feel her legs anyway and if Shadow was here it would have been at her side on the sand.
      Thanks for reading!

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