The Fog: It Hides…

The ‘Unpredicted’ series continues with another Picture it & Write!

A bridge, it created a link between two different worlds, it made way for us to discover new horizons. My mother used to tell it to me when we would be walking hand in hand on the bridge which would lead us to an amazing park. A wild forest, they called it, but I did not believe that dancing trees and singing birds were considered wild. It was the most peaceful place I have ever gone to.

I had to clear my head from these haunting dreams. I yearned to feel nature again, lulling me into a world of ecstasy. It was cloudy, but the weather has never been an obstacle for me. The clouds and sky… they all belonged to Mother Nature. We should not fear them, my mother would say, instead we should be in tune with them. We are part of nature too, just like them.

As I walked along the bridge, I noticed that a huge mist was coming from the opposite side. It seemed to go straight at me, yet taking all its time. It knew that I would readily embrace it. I have always enjoyed walking in a foggy place. It made me feel like I was stuck in a big cloud and this made me laugh.

But this time, nothing could make me laugh. Not after having witness such a horrible scene…

Clouds and mists always seemed to eat everything on their way. They hid them. The fog that hung loosely on the other half of the bridge was in fact hiding something. At least, it looked as if it struggled to hide the thing, but it was not fast enough.

And I saw it all.

I saw a young man, bent over another man who was lying on the ground. At first I thought I had caught two lovers, but when I came closer, I realised that there was several spots of blood around them. They surely had been fighting. I accelerated my pace.

The man lying on his back was not moving at all.

The young man looked up, having heard my footsteps. To my greatest horror, I was facing Caleb himself!

Caleb, the handsome mysterious guy at my drama classes. Caleb, my secret crush.

My friend.

He was as shocked as I was. His eyes widened as he recognised me. His hair was messier than ever and his face was covered with dark red blood. And he had fangs.

I was too paralysed with fear to back away. I was sure that the man on the ground was dead. I also realised the message my persistent nightmares have been trying to tell me. They have been warning me about Caleb.

Caleb the vampire.

How did I feel? I had no idea. I could not feel. I was lost. I did not know what to do anymore.

We both remained still, then the fog finally engulfed the two of us, hiding everything.

It erased every clue.


An Evil Nymph.

21 thoughts on “The Fog: It Hides…

  1. Oo, I loved the cinematic ending with the fog covering them and erasing the evidence. I can’t wait for another installment. Thanks for contributing this week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  2. Oh, wow…your story , particularly the ending had me frozen. The mist, the mystery, the suspense and discover, the supernatural…spellbinding my friend. “A bridge, it created a link between two different worlds, it made way for us to discover new horizons.” Indeed it does.

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