Sites Of The Month: August 2012

Hey if you didn’t notice it on the right sidebar…

Indeed! I won the August Camp NaNoWriMo, made it to 50,000+ words since the 29th. Yeah! And today is the very last day to update your word count and win! Don’t be discouraged if you’re not done yet, just keep on writing 🙂 And who knows, you might be printing your winner certificate tonight. (I did yesterday – if you want to see it, check it out on An Evil Nymph’s facebook page here!)

I’ll give you the details of my experience in a later post.

For now, let’s move on to the traditional ‘Sites of the Month’ monthly series, in which I share some useful or inspiring links that I discovered this month, hoping that it’ll be worth for you to check out 🙂

Because now the world has become a sharing one, thanks to internet, I’ve discovered very talented singers on YouTube, which I guess you know already, but here are my two favourites: Boyce Avenue (the famous ones!) and Megan Nicole.

Music sees through our soul and it’s great that young people now dare to follow their dreams, even their craziest, so here’s Lindsey Stirling, who loves to play violin… in rock style!

But to realise dreams, we need the means, so what about a fundraising? For a good cause? 🙂 Here are: The Best School Fundraising Ideas, How to Raise Money Online and

Be enlightened! By our world which is developing at an exponential rate – technology is taking up fast! Jason Silva makes you wonder about the wonderful things we can make, because yes, technology only exists to aim at a better future.

Getting back to writing, here’s a helpful post on using  dialogs tags in writing!

Meanwhile I developed a new little hobby: origami!!! e.g. this is an origami dragon I made:

So you want to learn too? Here’s origami-instructions – a so very helpful website!

Finally, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the planet Mars lately, and that’s because it’s something to do with my novel-in-progress that came out of the Camp NaNo challenge…

First of all I’m fascinated about the Mars Exploration Program! And I’d love to go on Mars one day xD

Do you want to compare Earth and Mars? Here’s their comparison chart and an article called ‘Mars Compared to Earth‘. Love.


Do you have anything to add or share? What happened to you during this month of August?

Feel free to tell, I like stories!

An Evil Nymph.

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