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September 30, 2012


by evilnymphstuff

I’m a bit late I know, I’m sorry. Anyway, here’s finally this week’s Picture it & Write and the continued ‘Unpredicted’ series!

The loud music beat the walls of the hall and echoed through my ears unintelligibly while the multicoloured lights wobbled around. The scent of food and alcohol swarmed over the place, mingled with sweat. The bodies swayed and jumped all over the dancefloor. There were shouts and sing-along’s.

But I took no notice. None of them caught my attention. I was frozen in the middle of all this strange chaotic party, which had been organised by the drama club in honour of the new semester. I forgot all about my little black sleeveless dress which stuck uncomfortably to my skin and the glass of champagne my hand was holding for hours. Nothing mattered.

September 27, 2012

On Awards and Sites Of The Month: September 2012!

by evilnymphstuff

The longer we stay and mingle in this wide world of blogging, the more I meet people and read blogs and the more I am confused when I receive a blog award. Why? Because there are so many of you that I’d love to give awards too… too many! And I can’t feel like choosing only a bunch of you guys, so I guess I’ll change the rules a bit and I just want to say thanks:

To Better With A Pen for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog Award!

September 25, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

by evilnymphstuff

My attempt at depicting ‘Solitary’ with a mysterious almost mystical aura:

September 23, 2012

Where To Find Inspiration?

by evilnymphstuff

With the final end of year exams approaching like a hare in a race, I feel more and more overwhelmed and at times it’s hard for me to find ideas for new posts, but thankfully, I have my ways.

Any type of artists, whether be a writer, a painter, a photographer or even a blogger, has had to face this handicap at one point in their path: block. Writer’s block, painter’s block… The lack of inspiration.

I’ve been talking about this in some previous posts, but they were especially directed to NaNoWriMo participants or writers only, if I remember well, thus I talked about taking a break from the story, setting goals everyday, and participating in challenges like NaNoWriMo to stimulate the desire for writing.

Today I’m going to focus on art in general and I’ll show you my tips to find inspiration again.

September 21, 2012

The Mirror Of Your Dreams

by evilnymphstuff

Another picture for the ‘Unpredicted’ series! Yeah! From Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia :)

There were mirrors in my dream.

September 19, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life [In An Evil Nymph’s Cup Of Tea!]

by evilnymphstuff

I was waiting for this moment for a while…

About two weeks ago, my mum and I discovered a new stall in town where a woman was selling handmade designed porcelain – the designs are designed by herself – and this caught our interest. There were a variety of stuff, like cups, plates… It wasn’t that bad and it’s great to offer as a present, so my mum and I asked her to personalise a few things for us. We ordered and on Saturday we finally got our finished porcelain products :)

And this is what I asked her to do:

September 17, 2012

Beauty Reflections: What Can Dating In The Dark Teach Us? [Guest Post]

by evilnymphstuff

We’ve all heard phrases like “Beauty is skin deep” but often wonder how true this really is. The dozens of dating shows that have popped up on the television over the years seem to challenge this idea with contestants that look like models. A new show is testing out this idea. “Dating in the dark” is a new dating show that is completely different from the ones we have seen.

September 15, 2012

The Flower Of Life

by evilnymphstuff

Here continues the ‘Unpredicted’ series with another Picture it & Write!

Do you believe in what some would call the uplifting of human consciousness? Do you believe in not only physical but mental evolution? What happens when someone has achieved a level of higher consciousness and sees with new sharpened eyes, hears with more sensitive ears, smells things that are kilometres away? What is going on as every little part of the world has opened up for us to see things clearer… for us to understand and know better?

September 12, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near And Far

by evilnymphstuff

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (anevilnymph), you might know that I’m in love with the Eiffel Tower and that I just can’t wait to go and visit Paris to see it for real!

Meanwhile I daydream and draw it on my desk…

September 10, 2012

The Fashion Organizer

by evilnymphstuff

It’s been a long time since I haven’t been posting on fashion, you know so here we are, with a new crazy, and hopeful helpful, post of mine…

I don’t follow the actual trends or whatever although I love to watch and read about fashion. It’s fun. Makes my eyes water ;) I usually have my own style and recently, I’ve been a little more conscious of what I wear, so I’ve started to consciously build my own fashion trends – of course, inspired by other trends. All right, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, if you’ve read my last fashion posts (see in the categories in the right sidebar!), but I’ve never really sort of organized my clothes, keep records of outfits and so on.

But now I am.

teenage girl winter outfit

This was one of my very first outfits to become ‘digital’, I mean which I took a photo – last year.

September 8, 2012

Black And White Magic

by evilnymphstuff

The ‘Unpredicted’ series continues with this week’s Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia :)

Have you ever felt like you have the strong urge to weep, yet without any reason? Have you ever felt like you could not stop laughing even if there was nothing funny at all? That was exactly what was happening to me.

September 6, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

by evilnymphstuff

Free spirit… It’s the freedom of choice. The freedom of being who you are. Because, what is more beautiful than someone standing out from the crowd? To make a difference? To break the social order and prove that… in the end, everyone is unique. No one should be deprived of his/her uniqueness.


Did that make any sense?

September 4, 2012

Time and Its Little Secrets

by evilnymphstuff

The ‘Unpredicted’ series finally continues (sorry to have kept you in the waiting room all these days!) with this Picture it & Write:

My mother used to tell me that I got my name from my great grandmother, Clare. I also got her watch.

September 2, 2012

My Experience At August Camp NaNoWriMo 2012

by evilnymphstuff

The adventure is over. We, writers, are back to our normal rate of a hundreds of words per day instead of the massive 1,600+ words that we’ve had to write everyday for one whole month to finally win this year’s August Camp NaNoWriMo.

Hey, that’s mine ;)

I was lucky that the first two weeks were relatively easy because I was in holidays so I had a great start (4000 words on the very first day!). And when I compare this year’s performance to last year’s in November, I can clearly see a difference: I improved at that crazy thing! Here are my statistics:


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