Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Free spirit… It’s the freedom of choice. The freedom of being who you are. Because, what is more beautiful than someone standing out from the crowd? To make a difference? To break the social order and prove that… in the end, everyone is unique. No one should be deprived of his/her uniqueness.


Did that make any sense?

Every morning, a group of pigeons fly and settle in front of my house to have breakfast – I guess they’re eating some rice grains and stuff because I live near the market place – and most of the time there’s one and only one lovely white pigeon among them. A dove.

The dove just stands out as such… and it’s so beautiful! It’s beautiful to stand out 🙂

Society always confines us in a restricted way of life and it is as we grow up that we have to realise that in fact we can be more than what our parents and teachers have told us to be. These are just guides, but in the end, it us and only us that will define the rest of our life path.

As we grow up, we have to develop our own opinions and views on life and build our independence. Every one of us has something special, unique that makes us stand out from the others. We just have to find it. Through our experiences, with the help of our guides… It’s not easy of course, it never is.

But in the end, if we persevere, we can make it! Think of Florence Nightingale, of Barack Obama… of all the homosexuals in the whole world struggling for their cause.

Do not be afraid to stand out, believe me. Just be yourself. Speak your heart out. Do what you think is right. Fighting for what is right.

And be the dove.


An Evil Nymph.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

  1. “You don’t get first if you walk in someone else’s footsteps”… 😉

    Community becomes stronger if it consists of individualists – if it consists of assimilated it becomes weaker and is not a community but just a top-down group – that there is no development of any one… 😉

    Great idea about the theme… 😉

  2. Such a lovely post and words of wisdom. I totally agree that everyone in this universe has a gift to share with the world. Thanks so much for the inspirational words and for the ping back!

  3. Standing out is unnerving sometimes but it feels great! Love your photo. It reminds me on the mourning doves that congregate by my door every morning. Before leaving for work I throw a handful of seeds on my driveway. I think they bring me good karma 🙂

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