Black And White Magic

The ‘Unpredicted’ series continues with this week’s Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia 🙂

Have you ever felt like you have the strong urge to weep, yet without any reason? Have you ever felt like you could not stop laughing even if there was nothing funny at all? That was exactly what was happening to me.

Images of my deceased mother flashed in my mind while my body seemed to awaken. I could feel the vibrations of every cell of my body. I recognise everything inside and around me. I could taste the air and smell the materials. I could feel all kinds of feelings rushing through my body as if my mind was a portal from an abstract world to the material world, which was my physical body.

I felt pain yet I felt joy. I was hungry yet I was quenched. It was a turmoil.

Life and death.

Black and white.

A tingling sensation went all over my skin, as if I was generating energy. As if I was gaining on power.

It was magic.

Indeed, Caleb had been right; he had spoken the truth: my mother had been a witch and I was one too, except that my powers had been dormant all this time. Until I removed that spidery cover from the vintage watch of my great grandmother. It had triggered my true senses, my witch senses.

My body and soul seemed to enlarge, to unfold, like a peacock’s tail. I instantly knew everything. I knew about the trinity of life, the balance of the universe, the oneness of all existence… I felt like I was connected to everything and everything was connected to me.

I was no good or bad witch. I had both in my veins: black and white magic, just like I had two hands. It could then be said that my choice lay in my own hands. I impulsively stared down at my open palms.

I gasped. I could read my palms. There were so many things the lines told me…

“Don’t do this.”

I jumped at this strange unknown voice and lost connection: I was back to my normal self, no more overwhelmed in a turmoil of emotions and energies, except that… I was still a witch. I could summon my powers at any time. I knew I could. I could feel it: that I could do anything.

“Who’s this?” I asked. My voice trembled slightly. I was at home, in my apartment and had let no one in.

“Down here,” it replied.

I almost fainted. It was Shadow, my little black cat.

Being an awakened witch proved to be full of surprises!


An Evil Nymph.


PS: I recently became a blogger at Randomsrc and today I published my very first post there: “Be Yourself: Not An Easy Task”. Please go and check it out!

18 thoughts on “Black And White Magic

  1. Hey….you know what i feel? Th picture can never control your story 🙂
    It just you who controls it! Wonderful!
    Looking forward to read more!!! 🙂

  2. Thrilling story of powers unfolding. I would like to hear more. Black and White magic, it only makes sense that they exist in this vast universe. There is always the Spanish Inquisition. Love you photograph. I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your post. It is so inspiring. jennifer

  3. Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    This is a thrilling story of powers unfolding. There is more to come. Black and White magic, it only makes sense that they exist in this vast universe. There is always the Spanish Inquisition. The photograph is amazing and your cat speaking to you. You tell the story so perfectly. Jennifer ps. Go to this site for the rest of the story.

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