The Fashion Organizer

It’s been a long time since I haven’t been posting on fashion, you know so here we are, with a new crazy, and hopeful helpful, post of mine…

I don’t follow the actual trends or whatever although I love to watch and read about fashion. It’s fun. Makes my eyes water 😉 I usually have my own style and recently, I’ve been a little more conscious of what I wear, so I’ve started to consciously build my own fashion trends – of course, inspired by other trends. All right, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, if you’ve read my last fashion posts (see in the categories in the right sidebar!), but I’ve never really sort of organized my clothes, keep records of outfits and so on.

But now I am.

teenage girl winter outfit

This was one of my very first outfits to become ‘digital’, I mean which I took a photo – last year.

Well, I’ve just started to become a fashion organizer yesterday. At first, obviously everything was playing in my head, like any girl, I would think of all the possible outfits for that day or occasion etc. classifying everything as dressy or casual, my preferences… It’s all in the mind.

Yet, after some time, there are those clothes that we tend to forget or that we’ve lost, which is somewhere in that messy wardrobe…

Organization needed please!

And manual organization is not enough. Rearranging my clothing in my wardrobe is not enough. I want to record what I have, what I don’t and wish to buy, which outfit can be put together…

Okay, I think I wrote too much for a blog post intro…

Thus, without further ado, here are two fun ways to organize your clothing style 😉

1. Use an application! (on your phone, iPad, whatever)

Oh yes, this world is getting more and more digital, and yesterday I found a fashion organizer’s treasure: Stylish Girl, which is an android application to organize your wardrobe, create outfits from your own clothes and wish list!

stylish girl application android

Wardrobe, style planner & fashion shopping. Take your closet and shop everywhere

Stylish Girl is your ultimate style planner and shopping app –
revolving around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you love
to have.

I’m sure there are other such electronic organizers 🙂 Just search for one… and wow! I recommend this to every one, although you’re not a fashion addict or whatsoever. It’s very useful when you’re rushing to find an outfit for the day or an item that you have, without having to turn your closet upside down!

All you have to do is take a photo of every item you own – that will definitely take time but as the days pass and as everyday you’ll be wearing something… except on school days for me because I wear a uniform – and save it in the app, label it etc. It’s awesome. I’m addicted already 😛

Thank you technology!

2. Keep a file of fashion records, like a pro!

All right, this is an interesting crazy idea of mine, which I’m still daydreaming about. What the subtitle means is to become the fashion designer of your wardrobe! Let your fashion organization become a fun game 🙂

For that you’ll need:

i) A big file

ii) Pencils

iii) Coloured pencils

iv) Sheets of paper (lots)

And of course your clothes and patience! (even for the first one you need those two anyway)

Now, where am I leading you to? Well to this:

fashion designer drawings

Taken from Google Images

Yes! Draw your clothes, your outfits, label them, and keep everything in a file 🙂 It doesn’t have to be neat or perfect, as it’s only for the organization of your wardrobe, right? You’re not really going to hand the drawings over to professionals… except if that’s what you want. But the basics are here: have fun in discovering or re-discovering your clothes and fashion stuff by putting them on paper and act like a fashion designer.

I feel it’s going to be so fun! I’m eager to try that during a free weekend or during the holidays!

Come on, don’t tell me that you don’t have time. If you really want to organize your closet, you have to find time! Stop procrastinating 😛

Organization is never quick and easy; it’s like planning, but in the end, the results are worth it, don’t you think?

So these are my recommendations and tips on becoming a fashion organizer.

Unleash the artist inside of you 😉

An Evil Nymph.

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