Weekly Photo Challenge: Near And Far

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (anevilnymph), you might know that I’m in love with the Eiffel Tower and that I just can’t wait to go and visit Paris to see it for real!

Meanwhile I daydream and draw it on my desk…

The Eiffel Tower is close to me as it stares at me from my desk, but at the same time it’s geographically so far away…

I have a dream. It is to travel as much as possible in my life. I’d love to have a sort of nomadic life… I mean being the modern type of nomad, i.e, to change location… constantly, maybe thrice every year, depending on the outer factors, and discover something new everyday, discover new horizons, new cultures… yet staying modern! I mean, I won’t be travelling on a camel or staying in a tent every night… All right, maybe if I go to the Sahara one day 🙂

I’ll have my electronics, a rented house etc… Just that I won’t have a fixed home. Then I would spend my free time writing…

Well that’s only a dream anyway. I need the means to connect it with reality.

A wild crazy dream maybe?

Anyway for the time being, I simply draw.


An Evil Nymph.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near And Far

  1. It’s a lovely dream! I have always wanted to go to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower, and then stroll down the Champs Elysees, especially in winter when it’s all lit up in white Christmas lights, that would be so beautiful! 🙂 As soon as my kids are grown, that’s the first thing I’m gonna go and do!

  2. Daphne, I was so surprised by size of the Eiffel Tower; it is much, much larger than I’d imagined. Be warned though; if you intend to ‘go to the top’, the lines of people waiting can be horrifically long… 🙂 You’ll get there one day, I’m sure.. haha… 🙂

  3. Since I started learning French, I just dream of going to France and visit the tower!! 🙂
    And you clicked it so nicely… I can feel the dream! Wow!!

  4. Well, the funny thing is that I have been on the Eiffel tower and it seems so ho-hum to me. I would a hundred times prefer to travel to Asia. China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan would be far more exciting that Europe for me. I guess the grass is always greener…

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