Beauty Reflections: What Can Dating In The Dark Teach Us? [Guest Post]

We’ve all heard phrases like “Beauty is skin deep” but often wonder how true this really is. The dozens of dating shows that have popped up on the television over the years seem to challenge this idea with contestants that look like models. A new show is testing out this idea. “Dating in the dark” is a new dating show that is completely different from the ones we have seen.

The Show

“Dating in the dark” is a new television show that revolves around finding love without letting physical appearance be a factor. The show consists of six contestants that live in a house. The contestants are not able to see or mingle with the opposite sex, except for “dates” which take place in a dark room where they are unable to see what the other person looks like. The contestants first participate in a group meeting in which they can all chat and get to know each other without being able to see what their physical appearance is like. Contestants can then start arrangement one-on-one dates with other contestants they find “interesting. At the end of the show, they are able to see the other person they are dating and decide if they want to continue to a relationship.

Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?

Research about how people perceive beauty have been somewhat conflicting. Some research studies have found that more attractive people often receive better service, promotions, and treatment than less attractive people. Other research has found that other personality factors can determine how attractive a person is perceived to be. In the show, contestants will find another person attractive solely based on personality factors or other non-visual factors such as tone of voice.

How important is Physical Attraction?

Physical attraction has always been considered an important part of every relationship. This kind of attractions is usually what brings two people together in the first place. Although it is important, it is not the only factor. We have all dated that extremely beautiful person just to find that the attraction fades once we begin getting to know them. The same things can happen when that friend or person that we thought was unattractive suddenly begins to look different and we seem them in another light. So, physical attraction is one of the factors of a relationship but it is not on the top priority list. One of the things that I have learned by watching episodes of this show is that physical attraction is not just a person’s appearance. Contestants in the show can find themselves physically attracted to the other person’s voice, smell, kissing, and even touch. Sometimes we are attracted by a certain physical trait and not necessarily by the appearance of the person.

What Factors are Important?

So if physical attraction is not the most important factor in a relationship, what is? We all know that beauty fades and a relationship based solely on physical appearance will quickly deteriorate. When looking for a life partner, it seems like we need to focus on characteristics that are ephemeral, such as values, temperament, outlook, intellect, goals and humour. The way we communicate and get along with our partner is also of primordial importance. If you can talk about anything to your partner and have complete trust in them, your relationship is more likely to succeed than one based purely on how someone looks.


The Author:

This is a guest post by Louise Mitchell, a relationship expert and advises couples with relationship troubles and helps them let the love back into their relationship as well as helping singles on the ways to find the best partner for them. Louise is currently consulting with on their on-line dating site creating a service to help people find love whether they’re looking for a sweet Singapore single or a lovely London lady.

11 thoughts on “Beauty Reflections: What Can Dating In The Dark Teach Us? [Guest Post]

  1. Great article! I do believe that looks can attract you in the first place however if someone doesn’t have a very nice personality that first attraction can be over really soon and sometimes love grows more gradually after getting to know someone. So love doesn’t always happen at first sight.

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