Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life [In An Evil Nymph’s Cup Of Tea!]

I was waiting for this moment for a while…

About two weeks ago, my mum and I discovered a new stall in town where a woman was selling handmade designed porcelain – the designs are designed by herself – and this caught our interest. There were a variety of stuff, like cups, plates… It wasn’t that bad and it’s great to offer as a present, so my mum and I asked her to personalise a few things for us. We ordered and on Saturday we finally got our finished porcelain products 🙂

And this is what I asked her to do:

Oh yes!! An Evil Nymph’s cup of tea 😀 In fact I didn’t precise anything, I just told the woman to write ‘An Evil Nymph’ in bold characters on a blue cup and add a skull (I didn’t specify anything peculiar about that) under it. So here’s the result!

Not bad… in fact it’s awesome!! Now when I do take breakfast (because for those who know me well, they know I sometimes forget about it in the morning…) I use it all the time! And I think of my blog and its community of course 🙂

I thought it was a great idea for this week’s photo challenge because ‘everyday life’ is first and foremost about getting up in the morning and eating breakfast! And the typical utensil most of us use is of course, a mug!

I’ve also seen that usually writers are represented with their hot cup of tea/coffee while they’re busy typing in their word document or writing in a copybook, and as I’m an aspiring writer… 😉


So now I want to read your thoughts on this. Like it or not? What is your interpretation of everyday life?


An Evil Nymph.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life [In An Evil Nymph’s Cup Of Tea!]

  1. I love that ! But here’s the problem with some homemade stuff….. there’s a high possibility of carcinogens in it, ha ha ha.. ( well, especially if it’s not made of porcelain ) The acidic liquids, like coffee will leach out the carcinogens out of the materials used to make the mugs. * sweat*

  2. I think it’s sweet, having a special cup like that. Everyday: though the concept might seem boring, every day is different from the one before, it like spending yet another day in most likely familiar surroundings and people, but with something new is always always about to happen around the corner. 😉

  3. Firstly: Wow; great design she produced for you…! 🙂
    Secondly: Everyday – Doing the ‘small’ things that make me happy – being with those I love; enjoying being free to do the things I love; nowadays, enjoying blogging and commenting on posts such as yours… Yep – it’s the ‘little’ things that make up the ‘everyday’ whole… 🙂 Great post, you (blue) evil nymph you… 🙂

  4. That would be the perfect mug for the evil dark brew I make! Espresso coffee so dark and thick that you can’t see the bottom of the cup. Maybe you ought to sell those mugs on your blog 🙂

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