The Mirror Of Your Dreams

Another picture for the ‘Unpredicted’ series! Yeah! From Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia 🙂

There were mirrors in my dream.

I knew that I was dreaming because I felt dizzy and paralysed. I could barely move. I was freezing in a light dark blue medieval dress which bared my white shoulders. I found myself holding a oval shaped mirror. My fingers were stuck on its vintage bronze border. I could not get rid of it. As my long hair flew around my face due to the strong merciless wind, my eyes were compelled by an invisible force to look straight into the mirror.

I did not know where I was. I only spotted some dark blue clouds around me and dead trees, or were they mountains and hills? I could not even recognise myself in that oval mirror, whose surface looked like that of a troubled lake on a winter night.

I was helpless and could do nothing but stand still and watch what it wished to show me. It was useless to resist.

At first I saw the stars and galaxies. My silhouette was still present in the reflection but everything inside had transformed into outer space. I was a portal. I travelled through space and time.

I saw my shining body dancing and acting on stage, in the drama club. Acting was my passion. The stars shone even brighter as I faintly heard the round of applause of the audience. Yet I did not stop dancing. I was not done yet. My shadow suddenly moved away and I could have gasped if I had been able to: there was Caleb, the vampire, all soaked in blood, his fangs showing off, dancing with me.

I could not understand.

The audience’s approval made itself even louder. Caleb and I were playing together, following the script, laughing and letting go. I did not hear my laugh though. Instead a terrible tsunami of apprehension overwhelmed me as my silhouette in the mirror removed a glimmering star from its body.

But it was not a simple star. It was a dagger.

The stage suddenly went dark and only a single red spotlight centred both of them. I saw my own shadow lifting the sharp object up in the air, ready to strike Caleb.

It went down like a rocket.

I woke up on my bed, my whole body sweating. I felt Shadow’s reassuring fluffy black fur next to me and gradually made my heartbeat slow down to a normal pace. Although I had stopped panting, my thoughts were racing.

I was Clare and I was a witch, destined to protect humans from vampires.

But was I truly ready to kill?

An Evil Nymph.

PS: hey! I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating the ‘Unpredicted’ series page – I keep forgetting about it! But now it’s all right – you can read the whole series over there.

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12 thoughts on “The Mirror Of Your Dreams

  1. I take back what I said about knowing one way I knew how this would go from last time. I should know better than predict something from an unpredicted series 🙂 This was great! I had a feeling the killing would be difficult for Clare but I imagine it would be even more so that she’ll have to kill Caleb. Does she feel the same way for him before she learned of him being a vampire?

    1. LOL! Thank you 🙂 She tells me she doesn’t know what she feels for him anymore… it’s all so confusing! Well, the next picture will clear our questions away I guess anyway. Thanks for reading!

  2. Uh oh, can she do it? I think she can! Leave those silly crush feelings behind, Clare. 😛 Thanks for contributing this week, M. D.!

    – Ermisenda

    1. Haha it’s not obvious to kill anyone in general, it’s a crime after all, that’s what’s making her hesitant in fact… Anyway, thanks for reading and, you’re welcome!

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