Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

My attempt at depicting ‘Solitary’ with a mysterious almost mystical aura:

I think it’s the weirdest photo I ever took! So that’s me with my Morgan Le Fay’s black hooded cape and I’m watching the beautiful view from the roof of my house.

Edited version:

Anyway in both my hair is horrible! And that’s because there was so much wind! I could not even put on my hood! The gusts were way too strong for it to stay right in place on my head.


I enjoy solitude to tell you the truth. My life, my environment has always been so crowded especially with family and relatives, so sometimes I just enjoy every single moment that I’m alone. That’s not only because I’m an introvert. It’s necessary to have such moments. They help us to put things in our head back in order and relax… find some peace within our self.

Meanwhile the witch inside of me is watching over the country, waiting for her glory, her rise in power, when the bells will right at midnight on the 31st October. On Samhain’s Eve. Halloween.



An Evil Nymph.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Well, wow! The memories rush back. I remember always wanting to sneak up on the roof. That magical place was like a parallel universe where no one could ever find you! The only place, really, where you could escape in a crowded city. (As long as your roof is taller than the others around you.) Thanks for sharing! By the way, what’s your view like?

    1. Yes that’s why I’ve always cherished that special place of the house.
      Well it was a silent city that was outstretched in front of me. And the gorgeous peaceful blue sky!

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