On Awards and Sites Of The Month: September 2012!

The longer we stay and mingle in this wide world of blogging, the more I meet people and read blogs and the more I am confused when I receive a blog award. Why? Because there are so many of you that I’d love to give awards too… too many! And I can’t feel like choosing only a bunch of you guys, so I guess I’ll change the rules a bit and I just want to say thanks:

To Better With A Pen for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog Award!

To Pudding Girl for the Awesome At Awarding Award!

The rules are different for this one so I’ll do it:

  • awards – overloads!
  • you – are so sweet 🙂
  • blogging – is a crazy fun yet serious thing.
  • don’t – ever try to stop me!
  • let’s – keep up with the great work.
  • why – is life so complicated?
  • party – like you are going to die tomorrow.
  • oh – why is time slipping away?
  • try – and never stop climbing that stupid mountain!
  • watch – and notice.
  • life – is simple after all when you think about it.
  • favorite – hobby is writing… and getting crazy!
  • no – or yes? 😀
  • I’m – overwhelmed!
  • sorry – for procrastinating.

All right, back to the list of awards, thanks:

To Nhan-Fiction for the One Lovely Blog award!

To Jenny for giving me a record of 3 awards in a month!

The One Lovely Blog Award:

The Super Sweet Blog award:

So this one has not logo but it has sweet questions I have to answer:

The Super Sweet Questions

1. Cookies or cake? Cookies! Or cake? Omg this one’s hard – I just love to eat!

2. Chocolate or vanilla? Definitely chocolate! 🙂

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? That’s an even harder one! Let’s say… Haribo!

4. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Hmm let’s see… My friend calls me ‘Poutou’ which is a chinese sweet pink cake and it’s so yum!

And finally, the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award!

Thanks so much everyone!!

Now, I know that most of these awards have the rule of having to tell 7 or I-don’t-know-how-many random things about the receiver of awards, which is me, and for this section, let’s say that I’ll do it differently this time. I’ll list stuff about me… depending on the Sites of this month! For those who don’t know, ‘Sites Of The Month‘ is a monthly series that I do so as to share what I’ve discovered during the month.

Because blogging is all about sharing, right?

Thus, the random things about me/sites of the month:

1. I am a creative person and lately I’ve been totally in love with Origami and especially DIY cards in origami or even Unicorns and again unicorns… which is the hardest animal to make in origami!

2. I’ve been obsessed by clothes lately and I in fact discovered that Clothes should fit you, you needn’t fit them.

3. I love shopping, but I hope this never happens to me: I compulsively buy clothes that don’t fit me.

4. I learn more and more about life everyday but it’s become even more confusing! Anyway, I love to read life quotes!

5. I’ve also been spending time on Youtube listening to classical instruments like the violin especially… and did you know that A Musical Instrument suits a specific personality?

6. I’ve also been wandering a lot on Etsy.com too because I just love to watch the gorgeous unique pieces the people sell over there… especially the princess-like-old-fashioned-clothing-style-medieval-and-all…

7. Talk2TheTrees is an awesome blog that has inspired the artist inside of me! Living as a freelancer… writing or painting or playing music… it’s the kind of life I wish to have. Doing what you love and thus being happy!

8. Tiffany Alvord, musician and singer, and The Piano Guys have also inspired me a lot and boosts me up in the way that indie stuff can be successful and well recognised today 🙂


An Evil Nymph.

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