The Chinese Moon Festival (O)

October has begun… already! For me it is the time of final big exams and piled up work… but fortunately we’ve ended September in a cheerer note with the Chinese Moon Festival, which my family and I celebrated on Sunday 30th September 🙂

To start, we go to our grandma’s place and we have dinner together… well like any day. It gets interesting only when the clock strikes 7.00 p.m (GMT+4h). Because when the clocks strikes 7, we pay attention to the sky, looking out for the full moon. We patiently wait for it to come up in its full glowing glory, after it no longer hides behind the clouds.

Can you see the little moon in the photograph?

While we wait for the moon to be clearly visible, we set up our altar, which mainly consists of moon cakes, grilled peanuts red sandals and candles.

We pray to the full moon with the sandals found in the centre of the altar at first, by holding them and bowing 3 times.

Can you see the moon in this one? I was able to photograph it when it seemed to be just in the middle of the altar…

Then we light the other two red candles and we in fact waited for the wax to melt halfway down…

And while we wait – patiently or impatiently – we play hide and seek with the moon!

But where is the moon?

Ah! Here it is 😀

We were lucky this year to be assisted by a beautiful big full moon (yeah it’s not that big in the photos but it was for real!) and no clouds were of any inconvenience 🙂

The candles melt rather quickly and thus, here comes the next part: we have to burn papers! It’s a sort of offering I guess to the moon, just like the cakes we place on the altar…

Even more burning…

We burn the papers and throw them out of the window before anything/anyone gets burnt. And I find it incredible that our house never ever caught fire, not even the yard, for all these years that we’ve been keeping that tradition.

Finally we’re done… and we eat!

On the menu: moon cakes, peanuts (all you can find on the altar) and tea!

The most beautiful moon cake (and the largest too!) I’ve ever seen and eaten 🙂
I love brewed tea ♥


Happy October everyone!

An Evil Nymph.


28 thoughts on “The Chinese Moon Festival (O)

  1. Interesting. I wait every month for specially two phases of the moon, the quarter phase when it’s a mere sliver of an arc, and when it’s full and glowing like a bight pearl in the sky. It’s seems to complete the night. You know, I’m going to do something like this every October from now on! Cheers, Evil Nymph 😀

  2. A belated Happy Mid Autumn my friend. It was a quiet one for me. But I got to taste a “Shanghai” mooncake. I can’t remember the type of white mooncake – shown above. Too sweet for me. Keep blogging and stay optimistic. 😊

    1. A Shanghai mooncake looks different – like a bun, with the same ingredients except the texture is crusty – like eating a cake. Happy living !!!

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