The Distorted: You Kissed Me To Death

The Unpredicted series continues with a new Picture it & Write! Enjoy!


That was how I felt when Caleb kissed me. Flashes of dead bodies encircling me; pictures of expressionless faces. But one single image kept on nagging me. It was a young girl. Enclosed in an empty room. Her eyes were cold and distant, yet she fixed them on me.

A death stare.

Her brown golden hair were sweeping the floor. Her body was agitated. She seemed out of control. Sometimes she moved and shook excessively, but at other times she only remained still, in an awkward position, on the cold floor. She was barely wearing anything.

This disturbing image was hard to explain, but I felt that she was dying but waking up again. And she was in transition from a old life to a new one. Then I saw it. The marks on her neck.

She was about to become a vampire.

The realisation crashed over me. I violently pulled my face away from the vampire in front of me, from the murderer, Caleb. My movements were surprisingly very swift as I took the wooden stake from my handbag and blindly pierced it into his flesh. I hadn’t hit his heart, because he started to growl instead of falling into ashes. It had wounded him in his arm. His blood was black and dense as it lazily oozed out of the wound and fell on the already dirty floor.

No one had noticed anything. The music was still banging on the walls. The people were still dancing around us. Life was continuing. Without us.

Caleb pushed me away and held on to his arm. I had made a fatal injury as vampire could barely resist wood. That was rather funny, right? How such deadly dangerous creatures could be that vulnerable to the most natural material in the world…

“What have you done?”

I had no idea whether he had shouted or not. I could only read his lips. The music was way too loud. I did not reply and instead rushed to the bathroom.

To the newborn vampire.

In fact, my senses were right. Here the girl was, distorted on the floor, making animal sounds. Her eyes turned to me. I felt the cold gaze through the whole of my body. I heard footsteps behind me and the door shutting close.

I was trapped between two vampires, me, Clare, a novice witch. Was I afraid? Not at all.

I was enraged. “What have YOU done, Caleb?”

“Nothing! I-”

The girl jumped at me. Without really knowing it, I stabbed her straight into her heart and only black ashes fell in front of me. They floated around Caleb and I like bits of burnt paper. I stared down at my stake. It looked untouched, except for the dried dark blood that clung to it.

We said nothing for a while.

Then Caleb spoke up: “I didn’t do this, Clare.”

I could not make myself turn to him. I was burning with rage… and shame. Shame for having fallen into his embrace. “You’re lying. When… when you kissed me, I saw that girl. I saw her. How wasn’t that your creation then? You transferred these images to me, hoping that I would fall into your trap and get killed by the wildest of the vampires, the newborn ones. You… you kissed me to my death.”

“No! I swear I didn’t do that to her! I didn’t intend anything. I don’t know how it happened, maybe there’s another vampire here, but I would never do this. I know what I’ve become and I don’t want others to be like that ever.”

I spun around. “Liar! I saw her through your mind!”

His face looked worn out, desperate. “Well I can’t explain that…”

“You kissed me…” My mind was swirling. That kiss… It had been too good to be real. He was a monster, not a lover.

“Yes I did. I just thought…” He shook his head. “Nevermind.” He turned around and went for the door. “But remember that I was a friend of your mother. She was my saviour. I would never turn against her like that.”

I let him go out. I could not move. Everything felt distorted.

Because he had a point.

25 thoughts on “The Distorted: You Kissed Me To Death

  1. After reading your story, I went back to look at the photo and it brought the woman in the photo to life. I can so see this woman twisting and convulsing. Good job in bringing a visual to life via words!

  2. MDEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!!! YOU are such a good writer! I never liked reading anything vampire until you sucked me in with your edge of the seat prose that had me from word one. Like I always say, you are going places, young woman. Just keep doing what you do and one day your name will be on the bestseller list! xo

  3. Ah… he must know the stake was meant for him. I didn’t realize there was another of these that I’d missed, and now knowing it’s not going to continue, it kind of um… loses its bite? 🙂 Thanks for the story, MD!

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