Stop Being Self-Centred, Start Giving And Be Happy! [WPC]

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is Happy. And here’s my interpretation. Enjoy!

A few days earlier, I realised that I was being too self-centred. I mainly thought of only myself, buying stuff for myself, taking care of myself… All right, I know it’s good. It’s recommended, as at least we know that we are not depressed and want to end our lives, but then, it has a purpose. Yes, being self-centred for a while actually helps us to realise one main thing:

The value of generosity. The act of sharing. The art of giving.

When I’ve fully taken care of myself, spared some private time for myself, I realise in the end that I do this so that I can start giving to others, to pay attention to the ones around me. If I take care of myself, I feel good and the vibrant energy I feel can thus spread around me into the environment.

I don’t know if I’m expressing myself clearly, but in all, it’s like we are a vase which is being filled with water. As we keep on filling ourselves, at a certain point the water will overflow, and therefore will share this water which was mine first to the rest of the world.

And that’s the art of giving, in my opinion.

Giving, without waiting anything in return, because in fact we do not lack. We have to see that we have enough, be satisfied with what we have, to appreciate the sharing process. Then, giving simply becomes fun.

And it just makes you so happy.

Here’s a great video on ‘The Art Of Giving’, which was in fact it’s former title:

So now, what about your interpretation of ‘happy’? Share it in the comment box below!

An Evil Nymph.

PS: I’m sorry I’m not posting every two days, but almost every three days now, because I’m currently in  my final exams period… so…

21 thoughts on “Stop Being Self-Centred, Start Giving And Be Happy! [WPC]

  1. What a pleasant read this was! Your writing has such nice clarity and flow. I especially like your example of the vase filled with water. Knowledge is like water. It is powerful, transformative and far-reaching. It should always flow and never be still, and most importantly, it should be shared. Thank you for “soaking” us with your writing gift 🙂

  2. I created a 101 in 1001 Days list earlier this year. And I have been working diligently to cross items off my list. I think it is becoming a great experience. Not only is it helping me to do things that I would have never made the time for like go on a picnic and read more novels. It is also helping me do new things like go to the ballet for the first time.

    Also, I have included several things that will help me be more generous and kind. And I feel so good when I accomplish those tasks and work toward them.

  3. I think you have the right attitude, because you car about your attitude – and that don’t that we have to forget ourselves when we care about others – both things are important and provides synergy… 🙂

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