The Art Of… Writing To Myself

Hey! As you might have noticed, I am temporarily taking a break from my ‘Unpredicted’ series since I’m in the middle of the final exams period, which led me to get depressed before it started, then when it started I actually got sick and it just became a mess in my head… Nevertheless I happened to get inspiration for song lyrics, which you can enjoy here, but then I got a little depressed again and stressed and left alone in the past weekend because of more revision work…

And that’s – weirdly – how I got to develop a new little hobby: writing letters to my younger self.

That’s my little doll, Elodie, by the way, which comes from my childhood days. When I was a little child this was my favourite doll – and I believe it still is – and I would never be separated from her. She had a little resting place of her own in my little room but then I always went to take care of her and see if she was all right.

And even after all these years, she is still so cute! ♥

Back to the point…

I’ve read and heard a lot about people writing letters to their younger self. I think it’s a great writing exercise, for everyone because it compels us to be reflective, to think on ourselves, on our past and how it made us become what we are today, what mistakes we could have made, what we would like to change… or maybe not, because without those mistakes we wouldn’t be what we are today.

What if time travel existed? What if you could actually keep in touch with your younger self, looking over yourself… And what if you had that opportunity to transfer messages to that younger version of you?

Oh yeah, I love ‘what-if’s…

I thought that this would be an interesting experience, and thus, to feel more relaxed and confident about my exams, I rushed to my pile of paper and started to write.

I believe some of you have seen that I’ve posted this photo on instagram…? No? If anyone of you has instagram, just add me for future updates… on almost everything (lol) – username: anevilnymph (of course!)

I’m not going to show any of the actual content of any of my letters, because, you know, it’s private. It’s between me and me. 😉

Anyway, the first letter was rather long…

I didn’t plan on writing another one the next day but inspiration… and the urge to talk to myself maybe? forced me to write a shorter but a second letter to my younger self.

Thus I decided to buy a pack of envelopes right away! And fill them gradually…

I realised that, as I wrote, I was less prone to tell my younger self not to make the same mistakes that I made, but instead pushed her into them and told her that if she wants to succeed, to become her dreams, she will have to go through all this. I’m not harsh though, I do my best to support her and encourage her, telling her that it’s the way it should be and you should be prepared to face those difficulties. It’s all part of life.

So I placed each letter in individual envelopes, sealed the envelopes, wrote my name…

…and even added a touch of realism by sticking real stamps on each of them!


The third time that I wrote a letter to myself, I really felt like I was literally writing to someone else. I was a pen friend to myself. Wow. Yeah writing makes crazy people.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. 😉


Have you ever tried or even ever thought of writing letters to your younger/future self? Please share your opinions and experiences below!


An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “The Art Of… Writing To Myself

  1. What an adorable doll! I think this is a very brave and excellent idea. For a long time, I didn’t want to sway my younger self as I like what my experiences helped me achieve. But recently, I would have LOVED a letter. A friend and major guidance. Who knows? Maybe you can time capsule those letters and read them in 10 years. 🙂

  2. This is one great idea. It is a perfect way to know oneself as well as remember one’s childhood memories. beautiful post that warms the heart. And the doll…just adorable.

  3. I just read a story about this. But it’s kind of supernatural. A girl received a letter from herself, from the future. It’s supernatural, but the plotline is interesting. Like, today, Oct. blah blah, see to it that you don’t go when such and such person invites you, because that will trigger events that will lead to tragedy , or something like that. Well, actually, it’s a sad story.

    1. Wow that’s interesting! I won’t be changing anything though in the past… I prefer just to give advice but my younger should make the mistakes I’ve made to become who I am today.

  4. When she didn’t take heed ( she didn’t believe the letter ), it led to the death of one major character, actually, the main male character. It’s ongoing, ha ha ha.

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